Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs. Bullets Wireless 2

Neckband form factor offers great call quality and longer lasting battery life. This form factor is supported by Apple with their recent released Beats Flex. OnePlus backed this form factor long time ago with their first Bullets Wireless, they also released the premium sounding Wireless 2 and entry-level Wireless Z, take a look at our comparison to see what they differ technically and sonically.

Head to head comparison between Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs. Bullets Wireless 2two neckband Bluetooth earbuds which one is better?

Neckband is not just making the entire earbuds construction more durable, it allows audio engineers to build more hardware on the neckband, sparing earbuds housing for more drivers. The first thing I found out when inspect the specs of two sets is the driver configuration – Wireless 2′ DD + 2 BA makes their sounds significantly better than Wireless Z, though Bluetooth chipset also plays an important role – while Wireless 2 supports AptX HD the Wireless Z doesn’t.

Neckband form factor Bluetooth earbuds are still favored by commuters and office workers.


We compare those two pairs: price, specs, sound quality and call quality performance.

Round – winnerOneplus Bullets Wireless ZBullets Wireless 2
Driver Configurationø9.2mm DD 2 Knowles BAs + ø10mm DD
Sound qualityLess defined bass, laid back mid-range and less-focused treble make sound less exciting to listen toDeep, strong bass, lacking in brightness and highly clear treble. Vocals are clear.
Fit and ComfortPlastic earpieces, 28 gramsMetal earpieces, 32 grams
Sweet resistant and sport feature IPX5 ratingNot specified
Control customizationTouch control – NoTouch control – No
Transparancy modeNoNo
Call qualityGood call qualittyClear voice calls, better
Bone conduction techNoNo
Surround Sound FeatureNoNo
Battery life20 hours14 hours
Bluetooth stabilityBluetooth v5.0 QCC3024 chipset, not support AptX, 100ms Low-Latency ModeQualcomm QCC3034 supports  aptX HD and ultra-low power – Bluetooth v5.0, 110ms Low-Latency Mode
In ear detection to pause/play musicNoNo
MultipointYes – 2 devices, also known as Quick Switch featureNo
Quick charging10 min of charging gives 10 hour of listening time10 min of charging gives 10 hour of listening time
Comparison table Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs. Bullets Wireless 2


Bullets Wireless 2 come pack a lot of tech, it has 2 Knowles BAs + ø10mm DD on each earbud, it costs three times as much as Bullets Wireless Z which is currently priced for $49 on Amazon.

Winner: Bullets Wireless Z

Fit and Comfort

Earbuds are very comfortable to wear – Wireless 2’s metal earbuds are lightweight and so is the neckband.

Winner: Draw


Both have neckband design the band is comfortable to wear and flexible. Wireless 2 comes with earhooks for sports.

Winner: Draw

Sound Quality

Wireless 2 sounds definitely better overall, bass is more punchy and well-defined.

Winner: Wireless 2

Call Quality

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 is among our top rated Bluetooth earbuds for phone calls. Its mic greatly reduces the background noise in noisy environment.

Winner: Wireless 2

Which One Is Better?

Oneplus tried to popularize Bullets Wireless Z with advanced feature like quick charging and superior call quality, but the sound quality is not that consumer oriented like with massive bass or balanced sound, rather their sound is less pronounced in all departments, and given the TWS earbuds you can find a pair with better sound quality. Bullets Wireless 2 just tops the Wireless Z for sound – yes it gets sophisticated driver configuration and more solid Bluetooth connection.


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