Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 NeckBand Bluetooth Headphones – Almost Instant Charging is Real

What’s new with Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 NeckBand Bluetooth Headphones?

Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 appears to be the first Bluetooth headphones that can get almost fully charged in 10 minutes – and guess how many hours it gets, it’s 10 hours impressive figure, given the fact that Powerbeats Pro only get 1.5 hours of playback after five minutes of charging.

The Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 is now presale on Aliexpress for $109.99.

With AptX support and dual drivers (Balanced Armature and Dynamic drivers) I am expected it will sound clear and the highs is brighter than most dynamic driver Bluetooth earbuds.

Since Bullets Wireless 2 is equipped with dual driver their bud housings are larger than its predecessor – the Original Oneplus Bullets. The earbuds now don’t have earhooks instead the housings are enlarged (redesigned) to fit and contour into the ear for a secure fit.

Using the Bullets Wireless 2 for calls is great – the background noise is minium the sound is clear If you take call in noisy stations it would be totally fine.

A user are answering the call

The neckband of Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2 and control buttons look a lot like BeatsX (Apple neckband headphones).

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