Once I tried true wireless earbuds I won’t look back to the wire wireless

After several months using true wireless earbuds (TWS) I don’t think I will use the “wire” wireless earbuds again. 

Apple Airpods and SamSung gear iconX have opened a new era for headphones where cable doesn’t exist. That’s truly convenient – I traveled and bringing a pair of TWS is no more hassle that I dont’ neither have to deal with cable or  recharge frequently – I just put them back in the charging cable ah storage case I am not conceive I am going to recharge them like I do with Bluetooth earbuds.

TWS also provide a good noise isolation – it is small, and enter deeper into the ear. Even they are not noise isolation like Apple Airpods  – it doesn’t matter. It matters where do you have them on.

The Bluetooth connection instability is a thing of the past – when Bluetooth chip makers develope a new gen of processor, two earbuds now are synced efficiently and smoothly.

The sound quality reaches the standard for everyone – the new type of gadgets attract a lot of people who are new to audio – less experienced. So TWS sounds fine and are good for average users.

TWS get smarter and people don’t mind – it seems to me that some smart features aren’t really necessary and I don’t frequenlty use them. It is good to know your heart rate sometimes, but it tells nothing about your health status.

TWS can be also used a headset – you can take call with Apple Airpods and they are good at it, I tried budget TWS and it works for calls if the caller can’t not hear me clearly I just put my hand on my ears and face to focus the voice, which creates a shelter to the noise.

TWS are right gears for working out – Just a couple of ear ago, I used to attached my phone to my bicep to listen to music from wire earbuds and a year ago a neckband headphone which sometimes bounces a lot, I’m totally free from phone, cable while I work out.



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