NORMAL and 3D-printing earbuds(custom earbuds) -
NORMAL and 3D-printing earbuds(custom earbuds)

NORMAL and 3D-printing earbuds(custom earbuds)

Earbud manufacturers set their own standard sizes for the earbud tips which may not fit to your ears and cause discomfort. To solve these issues, some startup comes up with the idea that makes custom fit earbuds by 3D-printers. The Normal is one of those to take action for that idea.

As you probably know the bass will lose if there is a sound leak from earbud tips. These custom earbuds will give better seal so that the listening music experience is improved along with the comfort.  The whole process of making these custom earbuds ultilizes an app available to download to smart devices where users can take photo or record video of their ears.

The has recently introduced iOS and Android App,  the app let you take a picture of your ears and upload to their online server.  What’s next?

  • Your custom earbuds will be created and printed out based on your customizations on the app.
  • The company promised you will get the orders within 48 hours and they charge you for $199.
  • According to NORMAL they will produce earbuds with incredible sound and amazing fit, and users customize the sound and design their earbuds.

Watch this funny video, you will find out more.

How it works and what is the different between Ownphones and Normal Earbuds?

While the Ownphones uses video recorded to the process of making custom earbuds, Normal will use pictures captured from both side of your ears. The photo will be uploaded and used to process printing custom earbuds.

What can be customized? You can select colors, cord-length for both ears and design.

Whatever your ears like, 3-D printer will print the best shapes which fit well to your ears and in various colors.

The Normal doesn’t have wireless option as Ownphones.

The factory will open on 08.09.14.

These custom earbuds just give you better fit and your own design, but the most important part is how the sound is created laying inside the engineering structure and hardware.

Let’s see whether we can have excellent earbuds for noise-isolating and sound quality from NORMAL

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