Five Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Noise cancelling earplugs look like a pair of true wireless earbuds

Noise cancelling technology have been used for headphones, Bluetooth speakers so far.

It doesn’t physically block the noise, instead the it actively cancels out the noise by generating the sound waves which is inverse to the on-coming sound.

Check out my post: noise cancelling vs noise isolation to see how it works and best earplugs by NRR.

Noise cancelling earplugs work just like noise cancelling earbuds (Bose QC20, Sony WF-1000MX3) but they can not be used for listening to music.

Not being designed for listening to music, the earplugs have a small size and can be used for sleeping.

A great pair of noise cancelling earplugs will be comfortable to wear, effectively blockout the noise, have a long lasting battery.

They also have a great noise isolation.

You can control how much the earplugs drown out the noise on their companion app.

QuietOn earbuds

Claimed as smallest pair of NC earbuds for sleeping, the QuietOn can last 20 hours.

Like a pair of true wireless earbuds but not for listening music or Bluetooth pairing the QuietOn earbuds just work as earplugs and ANC.

Marketed as earbuds to cancel out the snoring to sleep better, the QuietOn earbuds also actively work with traffic noise and other noises to help wearers focus on study and for a better life.

QuietOn earbuds with foam eartips and charging case

The QuietOn have 20 hours of battery life between charges and the charging case can provide more.

King Jim Digital Mimisen Earplugs

Look like a traditional NC wire earbuds, the Mimisen Earplugs can effectively cancel out 90% of ambient noise they work best for noises with frequencies under 300Hz, so you won’t miss important announcents at the train stations or phone calls.

This noise cancelling earbuds are powered by AAA battery so you won’t have to recharge, and the earbuds are very comfortable, the 85cm cable come handy and when not in use you can wrap it up.

The future: earplugs can automatically switch to different noise levels depending on the environment.

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