The Next Generation of Wireless Audio For True Wireless Earbuds

Committed to continuous improvement, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) just announced the next generation of Bluetooth Audio, the LE Audio. Four key innovative features of LE Audio include new Audio Codec, multi-stream audio, hearing aids and broadcast audio.

LE stands for low energy

The LE Audio has a lot of benefits, one of which is that people with hearing loss can access more content from mobile and home entertained devices if their hearing aids are supported by LE protocols.

The most important upgrade is the new Audio Codec called Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3). The LC3 ensures high audio quality at lower Kbps.

Source: Bluetooth SIG – the LE audio at 160 kbps has almost the same sound quality or better compared to SBC codec at 345 kbps

What doesn’t mean for true wireless earbuds (TWS)? Here are possible scenarios

TWS Gets Better Battery And Smaller Size

Bluetooth earbuds will have longer lasting battery because the new audio codec allows transferring more data at low data rates so it will enhance sound quality. Low data rates requires less power consumption. Currently true wireless earbuds’ battery is more or less than 6 hours, this figure is about to double if they are engineered by LE.

Or battery can be made smaller while maintaining the battery life in a smaller earbud.

They Sound Better

With LE Audio, two earbuds can independently pair with your phones that reduce the latency to minimum – the latency is the delay time between the phone and the earbuds – it is significant if just one bud connected with your phone and the other synced with the first. As a result the stereo imaging of earbuds will improve. LE Audio is supposed to be better than current SBC, which is higher in latancy and data loss over Bluetooth.

Hearing Aids

People with mild, moderate hearing loss can enjoy the benefit of LE Audio not just for hearing but for call and watching video, playing video mobile game. We are expected to see more hearing aid earbuds built with LE.

Hard of hearing people also get the benefit, open the accessibility for them to home entertainment devices such as smart TV.

Seamless Experience

Switching back and forth between devices that earbuds are connected to is easy and smooth. For example you just made a Skype call on your laptop and now you want to listen to music on your phone, the Multi-stream support feature allows you do it with ease. No interference, no hiccup.

If you have more than 3 pairs of true wireless earbuds, your phone will be able to pair with all four earbuds simultaneously.

When LE Audio is available for true wireless earbuds?

Possibly in 2021 or later because SIG is set the release date for LE audio in the 2020. Bluetooth chipset makers also needs times to build LE operation mode into their new chipsets.

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