Every year, many earbuds comming out with new designs and features are released to address the problem of wired earbuds such as tangle or mircophonic–noise from cable bouncing, poor Bluetooth connection is another issue for streaming sound because some of the compressed audio data is discarded. As wearable gears, earbuds can connect wirelessly to your devices. Now, earbuds are not simply an in-ear headphones for music, they can be a fitness tracker or a portable mp3 player and in the near feature possibly they can be a medical wearable device.

What is the next big thing in the world of earbuds? You will find update about new earbuds from all earbuds makers including Apple, Samsung, Jabra, Anker and other startups in this page.


True wireless earbuds that have insane battery life.

  • 15 hours of battery – trust me even BeatsX or X4 never has that battery life. The Bluetooth 5.0 is efficent it is better for managing the power, but it is uncertain SONABUDS 2 PRO are capable of.

JayBird X4

The Jaybird X4 will sell for $127 and they will be availabe on 17th Septemper.

The latest version of Jaybird line Bluetooth earbuds look a bit different from its predecessors, the X4 sports wingtips without honeycomb structure, the wingtips has open design that is sort of more flexible and comfortable to wear. The battery life isn’t getting better, just 8 hours and Jaybird still uses the clip-on accessory as X3‘s to charge the earbuds.

X4’s highlights:

  • Waterproof, IPX67
  • Durable design for any kinds of sports
  • Quick charging feature: with ten minutes of charging the earbuds can play in a hour

ATH-CKR7TW True wireless earbuds

The ATH-CKR7TW features a new type of driver would deliver better sound for wireless earbuds. Less distortion in sound and clear, extended treble are benefits from these drivers.

The ATH-CKR7TW will sell for $249 this fall.

Here are some key features:

  • Charging case
  • 11mm dynamic drivers, the large driver the more bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0 would help stablize the wireless connection
  • 6 hours of battery is impressive for true wireless earbuds

MOMENTUM True Wireless

Sennheiser just entered the true wireless earbuds with their Mometum, with price tag $300 the directly compete with Bose Freesport Wireless ($245), The Dash Pro ($329) and B&O E8 ($299). Though they don’t have quick-charging feature and HRM but touch-control and transparent hearing features may be handy for most people, and if the sound quality is great, they would be the pair of true wireless earbuds a lot of people crave for.

Here are some key features:

  • Touch control, I like this feature it is useful once touch it you won’t hear any noise as if pressing the button.
  • Transparent Hearing feature let wears hear the surrounding while listening to the music
  • 7mm dynamic drivers
  • 4 hour battery life isn’t impressive
  • a fabric-wrapped compact charging casse provide additional 12 hours of battery for earbuds
  • Activate Siri or Google assistant with a single tap

ARIA Waterproof true wireless Earbuds

The silicon jacket with hooks look like Gear IconX’s, which help fit securely into the ear. The latest Bluetooth version though transfers data at faster rate and has a strong Bluetooth connection, but we are not sure about how sound quality will impove.

Quick charging feature are very pratical, once charged in 15 minutes the earbuds can play 45 minutes. For the IPX67 rating it is not advertised that we can wear the ARIA for swimming.

  • IPX67 you can swim but don’t go deeper than 1m
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Price range $80 – $100

SoundFlux true wireless dual driver earbuds

A lot of completely wireless earbuds have been released so far this year – Airpods, Gear IconX 2018, Jabra Elite 65e . If you look for something distinct and unique sound signature, the SoundFlux would be a nice choice. The battery life is around 4.5 quite decent for this type of headphone. I think because the battery tech is still limited, while earbuds requires small battery the capacity can’t increase.

  • Truly wireless earbuds
  • Dual driver: two dynamic drivers
  • Price range $60 – $80

LyreBeats IEMs Double Moving Coil Earphones Earbuds

  • Over-ear wear style
  • Dynamic driver: 10mm and 6mm
  • In-line control with mic and a single button
  • Price range $20 – $30

Budget triple driver earbuds

  • Heavy earpieces
  • Triple dynamic driver: 10mm and 6mm
  • In-line control with mic and a single button
  • Price range $20 – $30

Budget triple driver earbuds

Glowheadphones –kickstarter

Glowheadphones with laser wires

The in ear headphones are built in HRM feature, BA drivers and laser wires. Glow patterns, including heart beat or movement are controled by Glow app

This year, 2015 at CES there are typically 3 cordless earbuds unvailed.

FreeWavz (available for pre-order)–introduced at CES2015

A lot of useful features:

Wireless earbuds from FreeWavz

  • ANC feature
  • Fitness tracker
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Voice-guide: text to speech
  • You can adjust the frequency level to your preference

HearNotes Wireless Earbuds–introduced at CES2015

Engineered with Kleer technology, Hearnotes promises to deliverlossless sound that is great in details–the high-resolution sound. So far, there have been some audio manufacturers that exploited Aptx. Aptx and Kleer both are used for wireless connection but which one is better? Hearnotes will prove.

Hearnotes Wireless Earbuds

Bragi Dash–CES2015 innovation Award

Wireless Earbuds Bragi Dash

Waterproof earbuds (IPX7) can be Immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter

Without a cord, the idea of Bragi Dash earbuds is similar to Ownphones–3D print earbuds and Earin–the world’s smallest earbuds, but aims to users who have an active life style, though, they don’t offer custom fits. Unlike other earbuds, The Bragi can play music without connecting wirelessly to smartphones since it’s already integrated with 4GB-mp3 player that can hold up to 1000 songs. Lastly, your perfromance, including heart-rate, distance and calories… will be tracked via apps by function of fitness sensors and built-in accelerometer.

Pre-order and Available in April/2015


Price: $299

Soundpeats Soundbeats QCY Qy7 Mini


In stock on December 26, 2014, A sport Earbuds for an active lifestyle

  • Battery life: 4.5 hours for streaming music
  • Price: $39.99
  • Secure fit: 4 stars
  • Design: 4.3 Stars
  • Weight: 16.4 g–The lightest bluetooth earbuds for sport is JayBird BlueBuds X Sport, 13.8 g

Amazon Premium Earbuds

Recently, Amazon has introduced Amazon Premium Earbuds, Available on 1/01/2014


Is there any difference between 2 earbuds? black and white. Right Amazon premium earbuds Left earpod of Apple

Feature and design

  • Engineered by Amazon to work perfectly with your Fire phone
  • Designed with magnetic earbuds and a flat cord to keep your headphones free of tangles
  • Features a mic and multi-function button to allow you to control your calls, music, and more
  • Delivers clear, crisp sound through ergonomically-designed earbuds
  • The design looks like the Apple’s EarPods(#rank 5 in the Best Sellers in Cell Phones & Accessories), Amazon Premium Earbuds have impressive look with black color.

The trend is the smart phone manufacturers want to handle their audio features by making their own earbuds supplied with devices. The cases you see in Sony, Samsung, Apple, LG…And now it’s time for amazon Fire Phones.

Reviews: The sound quality is not met expectation by users, maybe it’s going to be improved by next version. If you are not audiophile, it’s fine for casual listening. But the with the price tag, $24.99 you can buy the better one in our list 10 best cheap earbuds to buy in 2018.

Earin, The world’s smallest wireless earbuds, as that’s said “it’s invisible”. The Earin uses a BA drive in each earpiece.

Feature and design. The wireless earbuds are very small.

The battery life can last up to 10 hours.


Price: £159

Ownphones earbuds, Custom earbuds printed by 3D-Printers.

Feature and Design: It’s perfect for connecting to your devices, custom fitting and we are going to test the sound quality latter. The price is expensive, too.


Price: $399

Normal earbuds, Custom earbuds printed by 3D-Printers.

Feature and Design: This is a wired earbuds. It competes with other band like Sony, Klipsch just by superior durability, sound quality, and most importantly custom fitting.


Price: $199

Founded by co-Beats Founder, ROAM Ropes earbuds can customize the sound you like by an app available for both Anroid and iOS.


Price: $299

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After years of digging around the in ear headphones, from my perspective earbuds possibly will develop to…

Ideal Earbuds-in ear headphones earbuds, 2 small pieces will be insearted directly into ear cannal with superior comfort. After all they will include these features:

  • Solide wireless connection, but still keep original audio quality
  • ANC function, you can adjust how much noise you want to cancel out
  • Custom fit: The Eartips will be 3-D printed, which will give users perfect fit and very pleasant to let eartips sit in the ear canal. You can choose the style you like (
  • Customize the sound from the earbuds by app connected, that could be bass enhancement. 
  • Integrated Mp3 player and storage can also connect to your device (Gear IconX)
  • Fitness tracker: HMR, calories burned, distance,…
  • You can design by yourself, choose colors and style you like and more…
  • Voice Guide and Voice command prompt like Siri, You can tell the earbuds when to stop playing music, picking up the call….
  • Fast wireless charging. Your earbuds will be ready for use within seconds after wireless charging. This feature has been integrated in BeatsX, with just five munites of charging, you get 2 hours of listening. 
  • Fast-fuel charging: earbuds are fully charged within minutes, a lot of earbuds are built with quick charging feature but none of them are fully charged in munites, we expect it will change anytime soon
  • GPS..

If you are coming up with new idea about earbuds, which is a break-though about feature and sound quality please contact us to feature your earbuds on this page.


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