Nabi safe headphones for kids

Your kids probably own a smart device now, which can be a smartphone, a tablet, or MP3 player. These devices become more popular and kids are exposed to smart features as well as games, video increasingly. At the same time, they will use more time to wear a headphones. Do you find any challenges to find suitable headphones for your kids without worring about hearing problem may potentially arise from using them. Indeed, It does take for a while. 

In response to recent publications about the effect of headphones to kid hearing many audio manufacturerers has produced headphones limiting volume to a safe level to kid ears. However, what actually turns out to be the best among these.

It took me a whole day to do research finding the best headphones for kids. I got to the surprised point where I met the headphones can work pretty good for both parent and kids, If you could find such headphones just comment below I want to find out.

Kid ears are really sensitive to sound, especially the kid eardrum are more likely to fluctuate strongly they receive loud sound, that means if prolonging hearing loud the eardrum will tend to malfunction, and the chance kids will loose their hearing is highly possible. Therefore giving to your kids a cool headphones with volume limitation is a must, further expansion would be limiting time use.

One of the headphone brand, Nabi kicked off producing headphones that limits any loud sound down to 80dB. As you know most headphones on the market can produce sound above this safe level.

Best nobi headphones for kids

The design and color of headphones are not only attractive to kids, but will not make you look weird when having them on:)

The Nabi headphones appears to be bright with red plastic headband, on the other side the soft black padding make you feel more relaxed unlike other with plastic headband. The logo is not really impressive for parents but for kids it will draw some attention, but not really appealing as skullcandy logo appeared on the Skullcandy earbuds.
Watch the review of Nabi headphones: one of the 10 best headphones for kids

Features: Nabi headphones features an inline controller , which is not used for changing tracks or pickinng up the phone call by button, but only for controling volume. The detachable cable is really  a good option for this type of headphones since, the most common problem with headphones come from cable ( the cores wires are broken inside – Read how to fix earbuds) especially headphones kids are most likely to encouter the issues. You will easily replace the new one, when you don’t get sound from one of ear cups ( the are 2 types of cable supplied one with 3-pole jack, the other with 4-pole jack). The ring indicator is visually noticeable, when you see the white light, itself by default, your kid ear are safe. The soft padding also is well constructed to minimize discomfort for users. Lastly, the ear cups are large enough to hold completely around kid ears for better noise-isolation. 

There are 2 operating modes: Nabi and Parent mode: To switch one mode to the other, you just slide the button, and this can be done easily only when you’ve taken off the headphones. At the parent mode, you can enjoy the full range of sound. 

From my point of view, The Nabi is durable that the headband is solid and flexible (foldable design), they can withstand to stretching and abuse from kids’ hand.

At parent mode you can enjoy the wide range of sound from bass, middle, treble clear and crips. As advertised, parents can experience the DJ music, but the Nabi is actually missing something to fulfill DJ quality by rich bass.

Final thoughts: With the affordable price, and brilliant way to handle to loudness. You can get a really good and safe headphones for you kids. They are comfortable, better noise-isolation and decent sound quality for kid ears. 

Get a headphones case to store the headphones for prolonging there durability.

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