True Wireless Earbuds With Multipoint?

Theoretically, multipoint true wireless earbuds can connect with two devices simultaneously but which one?
NameMultipoint - Bluetooth chipsetNumber of devices
Jabra Elite 75t
Airpods 2nd Gen and Airpods Pro
W1, H1Only for Apple devices with the same ID
Galaxy Buds Live
BCM 43015Only for Galaxy devices
Jabra Elite 65t

In my office, I’ve got only a pair of true wireless earbuds.

Sometimes it pairs with phone to take calls.

Sometime it pairs with my laptop for an online course on datacamp.

I get a lot of calls from my customers – it just happens when I am doing with my online course, it’s not possible to switch back pairing with my phone like double press or alike. Ideally my earbuds can also pair with my phone so I can receive the call with a single press.

So what is the multipoint and why they should implement on true wireless earbuds?

Multipoint is a function that Bluetooth peripheral devices can switch back and forth between devices they connect to. Currently this function can support only 2 devices for example your phone for calls and your laptop or table for music playback.

Over ear headphones such as WH-1000XM3 supports multipoint – actually the Qualcomm CSR8675 SoC has integrated this function. Jaybird X4 or Sony WI-XB400 wired wireless Bluetooth earbuds also support it, so do other with CSR8645 Bluetooth processor. Newest TWS processors rarely support this function.

If you have been looking for a pair of multipoint wireless earbuds – I am quite sure you won’t get it until TWS SoC integrates the multipoint. And it’s not an easy task since each side of earbuds has to manage their own connection with the other and with devices they steam music from and that is up to 3 devices. Maybe in the near feature the SoC will be developed and it can support up to 3 or more device at the same time.

Actually the Jabra Elite 65t and 75t (powered by QCC5126 which has Dual Qualcomm core Kalimba DSP with integrated multipoint) supports multipoint function.

But other don’t

Only a single earpiece can work as multipoint supported device.

I got a couple of cheap true wireless earbuds, if I just use a single one (L or R) it can pair with my phone and my laptop, but when I used both (L and R are synced) they can’t connect simultaneously with my devices. There has not been yet affordable TWS models that support multipoint.

Airpods 2nd Gen and Airpods Pro: At WWDC 2020 Apple announced the new feature similar to multipoint coming to Airpods 2nd Gen, Airpods Pro and Powerbeats Pro. After a firmware update, Airpods are able to automatically switch back and forth between Apple devices with the same iCloud ID. For instance, your Mac, iPad and Iphone your Airpods are currently connected to, if you are listening to Spotify on your iPhone and switch to watch a video on your Mac, later you get a call, your Airpods will switch accordingly to the device. This feature won’t be available for Android devices.

Galaxy Buds Live: The multipoint function only works with Galaxy devices (wearable devices such as Galaxy watch)


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