Mpow Flame Lite Vs. PowerBeats Pro

PowerBeats Pro are great sports earbuds – with sporty earhooks that keep the earbuds stay put in any activities – running outdoor, workingout and more. They work seamlessly with iPhone and other Apple devices from first pairing to the last. Other band have already copied this design to their products, notibly mentioned Mpow with Mpow Flame Lite. But not just the design, we did a head-to-head comparison of two pairs about the sound and features to help you have a look before deciding to buy a PowerBeats Pro clone.

Round – winnerMpow Flame LitePowerBeats Pro
$32.28  $199.95
1. Sound qualityCan match about 80% how the Pro sounds. Balanced bass, treble is a bit more plesant to listen to compared to Pro at high volume levelQuite surprising for PowerBeats, the bass is highly accurate, not pushed to much and a bit a lift in treble that sometimes make sound feel harsh.
2. Fit and ComfortWeight is not NA. Both are sturdy with earhooks over the ear, secure fit, comfortableEarpiece weighed 21 grams, both are sturdy with earhooks over the ear, secure fit, comfortable
3. Sweet resistant and sport featureIPX7-waterproof ratingIPX4-waterproof rating
4. ANCNoNo
5. Control customizationTap control – Yes
Volume control – Yes, but it’s hard if you sweat a lot on your finger or ears
Touch control – No
Volume control – No
6. Transparancy modeNoNo
7. Call qualityNot as clear as the ProJust good, average call quality
8. Bone conduction techNoNo
9. Surround Sound FeatureNoNo
10. GPSShow the location of last pairing – YesShow the location of last pairing – Yes
11. Battery life5 hours9 hours
12. Charging caseGive 20 hours more of battery for earbuds, no wireless chargingGive 24 hours more of battery for earbuds, no wireless charging included
13. Bluetooth stabilityExcellent for both iOS, Android device. Not reported which processor, but I suspect it’s not Qualcomn.Excellent with Apple H1 Bluetooth chipset

Sports headphones are supposed to have dynamic sound that’s great for pop, dance, electronic, and hip-hop and other music gernes not the audiophile-grade level. Both pairs can condifenctly achieve the sound that most sports lovers like while working out.

Note that the Mpow Flame Pro offers better call quality and sound overall than Flame Lite. We will make another head-to-head comparison between these two pair.


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