Best MMCX Bluetooth Cable

MMCX Bluetooth Cable – Make Your Wired Earbuds Wireless

MMXC Bluetooth cable get most features that regular Bluetooth earbuds have.

  • Long battery life up to 10 hours
  • AptX support for better sound quality, the latest AptX HD is capable of wirelessly transmitting 24-bit hi-res audio.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for solid Bluetooth connection
  • Hiss sound occurs sometimes
  • Loss of sound quality compared to wire listening
  • Microphone quality may be an issue
  • First True Wireless MMCX connectors are available
  • Latest MMCX Bluetooth cable supports AptX Adaptive audio technologies, Bluetooth 5.1, low-power and low-latency (30ms delay) for gaming, cVc 8.0 for better call quality.

Listening music with earbuds cable dangling around may be old-fashioned.

Earbuds that can be removable from the cable have existed a long time ago. But they are for wire listening only.

Until recently Bluetooth advancement and battery which is getting better, smaller and higher capacity, together with the availability of products, the Bluetooth cable become a new sought accessories to transform earbuds to Bluetooth. 

But we can still switch it back to wire listening when we need to. 

Bluetooth earbud cable sooner or later will become a preferred item.

They can be a MMCX connector (found in Shure SE215) or 2 Pin connector (found in TFZ T2).

Well you have a number of detachable earbuds, each for specific kind of music or purposely for sports, with only a single Bluetooth you can switch back and forth between sounding profile effortlessly.

Big name in audio market such as Shure knew it.

Adaptive Audio MMCX Bluetooth Cable with QCC5125 chip

With loops to hook over the ear, this Bluetooth cable is comfortable and deliver great sound

This is the latest Bluetooth cable on the market – longer lasting battery, better call performance and more consistent Bluetooth audio.

This cable gets AptX Adaptive – the audio codec with low-latency, low-bit rate, high quality wireless audio if your phone such as Xiaomi Mi Note 10 or ASUS ROG Phone 3 support this feature you will get the high-audio quality that AptX Adaptive deliver.

USB-C for charging, battery life is up to 22 hours, great for watching movies and playing games.

Shure RMCE-BT2

Shure MMCX cable with built-in earbuds amplifier

Shure released the Bluetooth cable for Shure SE215 for example but it is rather expensive and doesn’t really offer better sound. Shure also has upgraded this cable to Bluetooth 5.0 namely the Shure RMCE-BT2, but it seems for owners’ Shure SE line and the sound is nearly as good as wired listening.

Cheaper Bluetooth neckband or other Bluetooth earbuds cable are able to perform the same in terms of sound, connectivity and battery life.  

That’s reason if you look for cheaper alternatives.

The cable can be recharged on the go with a carrying case – I listed a few option on this post.

Bluetooth earbuds cable simply put is a cable, neckband with a Bluetooth module receiver which pair with your phones. 

BASN CSR8635/ V4.1+EDR

The neckband BASN CSR8635/ V4.1+EDR ( you can find it on Aliexpress). Battery up to 10 hours the BASN is perfect for Shure earbuds with MMCX connector or other earbuds.

MMCX Bluetooth Neckband

If you like something better, try FiiO LC-BT2 which offer a durable construction neckband and better sound sound. The FiiO LC-BT2’s Bluetooth is reliable, it supports multipoint and proved long lasting battery life.

The available codec SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL/LDAC ensure less sound degradation compared to wire listening mode.

KZ MMCX Bluetooth Cable

KZ is a well-known brand for IEMs and it is not exceptional for their Bluetooth cable which they offer A paragraph pin, B paragraph pin and MMCX connector pin.

The MMCX cable with 2 modules – one for battery and the other for Bluetooth stuff

The KZ Bluetooth module is powered by CSR8645 Qualcomm processor.

Other features such as water resistant, AptX support and CVC tech for crystal clear calls are great. 

The best part they are cheap for less than 30 bucks you will have a high quality cable that endures your sweat and deliver a decent sound quality.

FiiO or Mee also makes Bluetooth cable but the style is not impressive. Rugged/durable MMCX Bluetooth cable from no name brand can be better choices.

The Bluetooth module is the most important part of the cable so is the cable quality

The future: additional features – like quick charging or quick pair.

Fiio UTWS1 for True Wireless Experience

Fiio just released the first MMXC modules to attached to your IEMs. The pair is designed for FiiO FH7/FA7/F9, but it work with other as well.

With these true wireless MMCX attachments, your IEMs looks like Bluetooth headsets

With latest Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth chipset, the Fiio UTWS1 supports SBC, AAC and aptX Bluetooth for good sound.

They are charged via micro-USB and add only 6.5gram to your IEMs.

Beyerdynamic Xelento

This perhaps is the most expensive MMCX Bluetooth cable avaialbe, which supports Qualcomm® aptX ™, aptX ™ HD, AAC and SBC. The inline control comes in handy with volume buttons and high quality mic for better call performance.

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