Mifo O7 Dual Driver Completely Wireless Earbuds Review

For under $150, you have another option aside from Jabra Elite 75t or Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus.

Driver configuration: Two balanced armature drivers

Mifo O7 gets a sleek look and feel


  • Strong battery life
  • Small charging case
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great for calls


  • Comfort and Fit: 8.0
  • Bass: 7.0
  • Mid-range: 8.0
  • Treble: 8.0
  • Bluetooth stability: 9.0
  • Sport feature: 7.5
  • Call quality: 8.0
  • For gaming and watching video: 7.5
  • Sound signature: clear, detailed – balanced sounding profile


  • No wireless charging for case
  • No NC feature
  • Charging case’s battery would be longer
  • Opening the case can be tricky


8.0 Mifo O7

If you look for everyday use earbuds the Mifo O7 promises a lot strong battery life, comfortable fit, clear sound and call quality and sports feature.

For a pair of TWS, the hardware will decide how the earbuds look, and with BA drivers, Mifo O7 can pack it as small and compact as possible and it still keeps the sound above par. Like Airpods Pro the O7 are noise isolating earbuds, they include 5 sets of silicon eartips (together with metal charging case, 5 sets of eartips, type-C charging cable)

Battery life

With recent development in Bluetooth processor which consumes less battery, the Mifo O7 have about 6-7 hours of playback time, that isn’t among the top long-lasting battery life performers but it’s fair enough given that AirPods Pro have 5 – 6 hours.

Comfort & Fit

The build-quality is solid and secure fit (they stay pretty put in my ear while running or pushing up) and IPX7 rating are great for sports just in case you sweat a lot – they may slip out. Mifo O7 gets secure fit in ear while walking, or and running on a treadmill.

Touch control is responsive – the touch area fit right you finger tip, you can take calls a single touch and with dual mic the built-in CVC tech did a great job to subtract the background noise.

Sound Quality

For the sound quality it’s an improvement compared to the Mifo O5, the O7’s sound is much cleaner, tighter and more accurate. The sound stage is wide too.

The bass is there, it’s not that rumbling like dynamic driver but feel tighter – but it seems O7 sharing the same bass as O5’s, while mid-range is filled with details and sweetness.

Perhaps the treble is the best range, though it’s not that bright since the overall sound tend to be warm.

Take a note even though 3 ranges are not particularly unique but you’ll feel layers of musical instruments (separation from sound perspective). O7’s sound tends to be balanced and particularly clear.

Similar Products

True Wireless TFZ X3 get the same look as Mifo O7 but more splashy and shinny, they also have dual Balanced Armature, natural, rich, smooth and pleasant to listen to.

Mifo O7


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