Microsoft Surface Earbuds Are Alternatives To Presentation clickers

If you own Microsoft Surface Earbuds, you would use it as a presentation clicker

Microsoft just rolled out an update that adds a function to their Surface earbuds. This shows there are a lot of potentials for true wireless to have more features in the future.

How it work?

When you have PowerPoint presentation at slide show mode, you can move to the next slide or move backward just by wiping forward and backward on the left earbud.

If there is a video or MP3 embeded on the slide you can double tap to play/pause the video.

The Surface Earbuds are Microsoft’s first true wireless earbuds, it made a debut last year but Microsoft delayed the release until May 2020.

The Surface earbuds get an interesting look, with the round, flat on the back of earbuds – the touch area. On the other side it looks a lot like Airpods and the Surface earbuds are unsealed into the ear.

Once you pop the charging case open, you get this

Surface have a massive Dynamic driver – 13.6mm which delivers dynamic sound, strong sound. Other features such as dual mics for calls, support SBC and AptX support and IPX4 make the Surface earbuds a worthy competitor.

The Surface earbuds last about 8 hours and the charging case has type-C port for charging.

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