Melomania 1 – True Wireless In-ear Monitors That Deliver Richer Sound And Better Battery Life

Don’t let its name confuse you! The Melomania 1 is a newest pair of true wireless earbuds just released by Cambridge Audio.

The battery is no longer the hindrance for TWS – with battery life up to 9 hours between charges, closing the gap with wired wireless earbuds which last about 10 hours.

The charging case of Melomania 1 has a Micro USB port which is good for Android phone but not friendly for USB type-C devices you have to carry an extra cable.

Minimizing advanced features – no touch control or noise cancellation, the Melomania 1 focuses on sound quality and battery life.

Though Cambridge Audio listed the Melomania 1 as in ear monitors but its sound is arguably far from being categorized in the IEMs realm. Unlike TFZ X1, The Melomania 1 have 5.8 mm dynamic drivers (Graphene Enhanced). the latter’s bass performance is slightly better.

It’s fine for Melomania 1 to handle treble but if playing instruments it feels a bit distorted at higher treble notes. In a scenario that you get a tight seal the bass kicks in but it’s hard to tell it is really punchy or satisfied.


  • Good noise-isolation
  • AptX, AAC, and SBC support
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • No touch control just a single multifunctional button
  • Poor voice calling performance
  • Not designed for sports

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