Meet the LyreBeats True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0

True wireless earbuds are no longer expensive. For under $50 you could get a decent pair of TWS earbuds. They do sound good with rich bass and clear treble. Though their Bluetooth connection isn’t perfect yet. Hiccup still happens, either from left or right earbuds.

LyreBeats recently released their budget TWS earbuds, the LyreBeats T02S. And yes, these earbuds encounters some problems with the connection stability. But my overall experience with this pair of earbuds is possitive.

Nice red-led when earbuds are charged

The buds are pretty light weight, and comfortable to wear. For extra comfort you can use included comfly tips. I tried the earbuds for working out they fit securely I never have to touch them for fixing postion, they won’t loosen out. The earhooks won’t fit everyone’s ears I guess, if you have small ear my suggestion is try something else since the earhooks won’t fit.

Carrying case and earbuds

One thing I like about these earbuds is their noise-isolation, in any situation like riding motobike, on flight or noisy traffic it blocks out the noise. If you don’t like the music in the gym, have them on, adjust avarage volume certainly you can enjoy your own music without much music played interfering in the gym.

I placed my phone at the corner, walking around the connection is sustainable around 10m, but sometimes the connection is cut out on the right earpiece. Simply fix, I just press the button twice, – stop and play again.

The T02S is sweat-proof with IPX5 rating, they can stand to sweat and any rough conditions from your workout.

The T02S isn’t ideal for calls, I called some of my friends and asked them about the voice call quality – that’s it not that good. Just like somebody talked with mic.

The bass of T02S is impressive, fairly rich and deep. I don’t feel any pitch in mid-range but the highs is not that pleasant to listen to, especially when I turn up the volume.

Foam tips are far more comfortable than silicon tips

The charging case is nice and small, you can easily slip them in your pocket, and with 30min of charging the case gets full of juice. When not in use, you just dock the earbuds to charging case, the earbuds will switch off and get charged. If you have phone supported Bluetooth 5.0 the earbuds can play around 5 hours but if your phone doesn’t support Bluetooth 5.0 the battery of earbuds is just 4.5 hours.

There is a pain if you want to use R-earbud alone, it happens when the L-earbud is run out of battery. The R-earbud once pairs with your phones it won’t synced with the L when the L is on and ready to use. Then you have to erase/reset their memory by press and hold both earbuds for 20 seconds and repeat pairing process.

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