LyreBeats T1 Hands-On First Impressions

Previously I reviewed LyreBeats True Wireless T02S – Cheap wireless earbuds that sound quite good and fit securely, but their Bluetooth connection is not perfect yet. LyreBeats recenlty released the LyreBeats T1 with great battery life and strong Bluetooth connection.

Black package with model name: LyreBeats T1
This side highlights some specs: 10hours of battery life, AptX support, Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX4 rating
I just opened the box
Nice packing – earbuds and charging are separate
L and R earbuds
Handly volume control – press twice L-earbuds to decrease the volume, R-earbuds to increase the volume. Though you can do it by saying “Okay Google, turn up the volume” or “Okay Google, turn down the volume”

USB Type C Charging Case

The high (and white)-quality charging cable
LyreBeats T1’s charging case is compact and it has a built-in 400mAh battery

Unfortunatly the case doesn’t have wireless charging feature.

T1 earbuds housings are a bit large to fit into my ear – it’s not as comfortable, I have to replace eartips with eartips used for T02S so the housings don’t press much pressure on my ears. But when I put earbuds back into the case they doesn’t fit.

LyreBeats T02S and LyreBeats T1 with the same eartips used for T02S.
Left: included eartipds, Right: aftermarket replacement tips with longer length

For sound quality, the T1 aren’t bass-focused earbuds, details I will post another post about their sound.

The LyreBeats retailes for $49, and will be available on Amazon in March 2020.

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