LyreBeats-NB1 Review – A Surprisingly Likable Budget Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

The neckband Bluetooth headphones have a lot of advantages over regular Bluetooth earbuds with short cable, the trick is the band is capable of hosting larger battery and Bluetooth module. It has more room for headphones makers integrating more feature to their headsets. If you frequently use headphones either for phone calls for listening to music, a neckband with earbuds dangling down around the neck is a good way to manage everything related to.  We recently got a set of neckband Bluetooth earbuds from LyreBeats, the LyreBeats-NB1 that sounds pretty good and offers a standard sound and handy features for daily commuters and they are cost less than $50.

Design and feature

A nifty feature – The earbuds can magnetically clip together

The LyreBeats-NB1 is the Bluetooth version of LyreBeats Metal Buds. While the wired model has a lot of bass and impressive clarity, the Bluetooth model sound a bit lacking in clarity, sweatness and fullness.

The earbuds come with 3 basic pairs of eartips (S, M, L) and an extra-earhook for more secure fit, this you can use for sports. The housings are metal, look solid but lighweight and comfortable to wear. With 3 buttons control on the right, you can adjust the volume, skip, stop/play, take calls.

The mic is also built on the right of neckband, it capatures voices quite well. If the mic is designed inline, it would be better. The LyreBeats-NB1 is a waterproof earbuds, its rating is IPX4, so they endure to sweaty ears from our workout or in some outdoor situation like light-rain.

Sound quality

At first you could hear a plenty of bass, but after a few track you could figure out the bass is not that punchy, crisp and rumbling instead it is quite boomy listening R&B and Hip Hop it is fine the sound is very likable but skip those tracks the vocals is quite dark, but the treble is on the other hand clear and bright. The treble is not distorted at high-volume but SOMETIMES it becomes aggressive.

For call quality, the LyreBeats-NB1 does the job. The caller was able to hear me clearly when I spoke outdoor, but in windy environments there were some interferences, so the CVC 5.0 isn’t perfect, it won’t filter all noisese.


The Bluetooth range of LyreBeats-NB1 is only stable within 5 – 7 meters. Walking far away from this range the sound start lagging, if you keep your phones in your pocket there shouldn’t be any problem with Bluetooth connection. 

Battery life

The LyreBeats-NB1 feature 100mAh battery, that is equal to 7 to 8 hours of playback – that is varied depending on the volume level. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the headset via USB-port. 

In comparison with
  • Samsung Level U: The band is less flexible than LyreBeats-NB1’s, the Level U featuresunsealed earbuds, so they are not noise-isolating. For call quality, Level U sounds a bit better with more clarity.
  • Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth: Plastic neckband and cheap earbuds that sound bassy, somewhat boomy sound, feel less solid than other picks, but you have more color options
  • Mpow Jaws [Gen-3]: identical to LG-Tone HBS-730 around the neck Bluetooth headphones, but cheaper have longer lasting battery
  • ANKER Soundbuds Lite Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds: more durable, heavier and bulkier than LyreBeats-NB1

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LyreBeats-NB1 Review
  • Design and Feature
  • Comfort and Fit
  • Sound quality
  • Value


Though the LyreBeats-NB1’s sound signature is not balanced or natural, its design, feature and price would be appreciated by sports lovers who need a standard pair of earbuds for their workout sessions.

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