LyreBeats Metal Buds – Review

Since the low-end earbuds (with cheap single dynamic driver) have reached the point for sound that couldn’t be better rather than varied, I’ve seen they shift to durablity. The overall design plug, cable, housings is built to last.

I got hand-on a pair of metal-body earbuds from LyreBeats

The good: LyreBeats Metal Buds are lightweight, rugged and just sound clear.

The bad: I heard a lot of bass but a bit bloating.

For under $10 – your quest for better earbuds – sound and comfort is over.

LyreBeats Metal Buds is the standard set of earbuds – because they sound better and have a better build quality than any earbuds that packed with your phones.

Package & Accessories

Shirt clip, carrying case

Build & Materials

Metal earpieces, 3.5mm metal L-jack, plastic Y-Split, single-button inline control.

Comfort & Fit

3 pairs of eartips I guest the smallest size would be most suitable for you.

Lows / Bass

Not quite bass heavy but I feel plenty.

But it isn’t right – I mean the accuracy of the beats.

I wish this range is more crisp and defined.

Mids / Vocals

The mid is nice I leave no comment on this range.

Highs / Treble

The treble is clear and pretty detailed. Crank up the volume, it isn’t harsh though. A bit concentrated on the treble making the Metal Buds work great for calls.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or any kind to LyreBeats. I bought the product to test how durable they are.

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