LyreBeats M2 Review: Budget Earbuds That Do Sound Good

Budget earbuds are getting better in terms of build quality, features and now you even have more choice for sound signature. Pretty new to the audio market, but LyreBeats offers something that may appeal to you with their new released LyreBeats M2. 

The LyreBeats M2 have a great build quality for the price such that metal earbuds and rugged cable are hard to break. It is also designed for sports with adjustable loop and waterproofing feature. 

Sound signature: Balanced, natural sound

Type: Hybrid – sealed and un-sealed earbuds

Notes: This is a new released model, we have ordered from the LyreBeats’ website and we get no commission for the review.

  • Polished metal earpiece
  • Impressive bass performance
  • Sweatproof
  • The loop sometimes is not comfortable
  • Average noise isolation

Design and feature

The LyreBeats M2 is a well-made earphones. It features metal earbuds, which is lightweight and comfortable to wear. But the housings is larger than average earbuds, if you have small ears you may need to use the smallest eartips. The earbuds, cable, jack are designed withstand abusive use and sweat from your intense workout. The angle from the joint of earbuds to the cable are optimized for the fit to any ears size.

Metal earbuds with loops
Shirt-clip and Y-joint split

The earbuds have a adjustable plastic loop, which hooks into the outer concha ridge of the ear. You can also adjust the size of this loop for the best fit. The earbuds stay stable in my ears when I run or exercise in the gym.

For the daily use, I try to have these earbuds on the train, bus and because of the fit, it is not a good noise isolating headphone. 

LyreBeats M2's cables are reinforced with Kevlar to resist breakage from stretching or twisting, the L-shaped jack is well-built too. A single button works fine for receiving calls, stop/play music. 

Sound quality

For the sound quality you can get much from this pair more compared to average earbuds with the same price tag.

LyreBeats-M2's mic with single button: take calls, stop/play music

I tested the LyreBeats M2 on my window laptop, Galaxy S9 and FiiO X1 Gen 2, the M and S size of eartip didn't fit well on my ears, I picked the L size, the noise isolation is average but that may bring me to another perspective of sound that is quite impressive to me at first -  The sound stage is airy and spacy.  

The sound of LyreBeats M2 overall is dynamic and energetic. 

The bass is quite deep and is not boomy. Quite crisp and punchy. But it is not kind of earbuds that can provide the sub-bass. 

The mid-range is a bit forward, and I prefer if it would be sweeter. The treble is the clear, vivid. It is pleasant to listen, not over enhanced or making sound distorted at high volume. I didn't feel eadgy in this range for a long listening sessions. 


It is now common that cheap earbuds do sound good and you have a more options for both design and sound performance and the LyreBeats M2 is just another of those cheapies but for the build quality it is worth more than what it costs.

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