LV Announced A New Pair Of Completely Wireless Earbuds And They Are Literally Master & Dynamic MW07

Master & Dynamic MW07 are one of my favorite earbuds for their sound quality. It cost more $50 than Airpods Pro.

LV just rebranded it to Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless Earphones, and charge you $700 than the original MW07. Actually the product is in collaboration with Master & Dynamic. That’s not what we’ve seen for the first time.

While the WM07 aren’t worth for it’s price tag, $299 – we have other appealing options like Sony WF-1000XM3 ($228.00) with ANC, Klipsch T5 True Wireless and many more with comparable sound, the LV Horizon may be worth for the logo, design and charging case considering the “fashion” aspect of TWS. Other than that call quality, battery life and comfort are underrated for the price.

Available in black, red, flourescent yellow, pink and white to choose depending on your outfits.

LV Horizon black version
The iconic LV logo on earbuds
The white model with charging case that features a stunning sapphire glass lid and ceramic base
Flourescent yellow model
Pink model without LV logo, but floral motifs

LV website doesn’t include any technical information for Horizon TWS, but I guess it has the same specs as Master & Dynamic MW07.

  • 3.5 battery life
  • IPX4 rating
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • 10mm dynamic driver

For sound quality the bass is heavily enhanced and earbuds are noise-isolating so that enrich the sound overal. But that doesn’t compromise mid-range and highs – clear, exciting.

Intersting look of silicon jacket with wings

To accommodate 10mm driver, the Horiron’s housing are perhaps largest for TWS, but they manage to fit quite comfortably, the included wing tips also do the job for providing additional secure fit.

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