LV Airpods Case That Inspired By Classic Trunk

It seems the pure white AirPods with long stem can mix up with a lot of outfit to match your style, but in some cases there is no place for you to store its charging case, well how about a “wearable” case offered by LV.

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Fashion industry started to take note about the popularity of accessories and luxury brands want to dive in tech product to secure their presence and power.

They are either in collaboration with audio manufacturers to make their own or accessories with their iconic logo on flashing on.

LV is no exception, we have seen the iconic LV logo present more frequently with high-tech items, in particular LV Horizon true wireless earbuds or just being an accessory like phone case, and the most recent LV AirPods case that was posted by users on twitter and Instagram.

Perhaps the only reason you buy Airpods because of this case

The LV AirPods case is lightweight, portable and has luxury touch. On the go you wrap the Apple AirPods Trunk Case Necklace that holds the case around the neck – showing up the LV logo in gold, classic vintage theme.

To pop AirPods out of the case you can open the LV case with one hand just like opening the AirPods case.

The LV AirPods case is priced for $995 and note that LV has not yet officially confirmed the release date for LV AirPods case please check back for update. 


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