LC3 Is Here and What Does It Means To True Wireless Earbuds

LC3 is more efficient in many ways

  • Lower latency – better user experience for watching and playing game
  • Better sound quality
  • Use less power – ANC has more power to operate, reduces the earbuds’ size

Bluetooth SIG just released a new audio codec that if applied to true wireless earbuds they will last longer and sound better.

Audio data transmitted over Bluetooth will be compressed, LC3 is able to compress audio data into something smaller, Bluetooth earbuds just decode it.

LC3 Codec stands for Low Complexity Communications Codec, which is a new audio codec that deliver higher quality at lower power consumption and lower bit rates.

Developers have been long struggled with balancing out power consumption and sound quality for Bluetooth earbuds for example.

LC3 promises an ease for them.

LC3 proves improving audio quality over SBC codec at a 50% lower bit rate. Audio data with LC3 is also transfered two times faster than SBC.

Since LC3 can preserve or make the sound better at lower bit rates, it reduces the power consumption, so true wireless earbuds are either made smaller or will have longer bettery life, that is a good thing if they are built with ANC which also require power to operate.

SBC means Low-complexity sub-band codec, it divides the audio data into different frequency bands, each will be compressed independently. This results in data loss and a compromise between data rate and compression.

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