I’ve Seen More True Wireless Earbuds With Balanced Armature Driver, So What Are Their Advantages?

Over the past three years I’ve seen a new kind of driver configuration, the Balanced Armature driver or its combination with dynamic driver in TWS earbuds introduced to the market. BA driver improves sound, consumes less energy and since they are smaller then DD they are easily to build into earbuds.

Sound Quality

According a survey conducted by Qualcomm users crave for sound quality – an important factor beside the price.

While DD makes the earbuds’ sound more dynamic, the BA provides the clarity and sharpness of the sound. Galaxy series earbuds (configued with dual dynamic drivers) like Buds+ or Buds Pro though sound great in mid-range and low-ends they represent the shortcoming for highs.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, Mifo O7 are showcase for the BA + DD both sound great for the price and their sound profile is superior that others could hardly match up.

Balanced Armature Earbuds Have Higher IPX Rating

It’s true that earbuds are a part of your lifestyle that you wear them while doing exercise meaning they have to stand still to rough condition like shaking or sweating. As nature of structural design with shell, the BA provides higher IPX rating for true wireless earbuds.

Balanced Armature Earbuds Can Last longer

Another advantage of BA driver – it requires less power.

Shanling MTW100 have two models the one with BA have 1 hour longer battery life than the other with DD. To your reference the BA version have 7 hours of battery life.

Balanced Armature Drivers Are Small

Since BA drivers are small, it saves space to implement other hardware for ANC, for instance. BA can reduced the earbud’s size that users can wear them all-day.

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