IQ BUDS MAX – Smart Hearing Buds

The IQ BUDS MAX costs $500-600 but they’re worth it for included features.

IQbuds Max‘s highlights

  • Trigger active noise cancelling feature built-in with a single tap
  • 9.2 mm dynamic driver (moving coil) – dynamic sound
  • Able to identify the user’s unique hearing profile (which can be perceived as Equal-loudness contour) and then autocalibration system will detect the hearing pattern and do self calibration accordingly.
  • Battery life 5 hours over Bluetooth 5.0 for listening music and 8 hours hearing processing with EarID autocalibration system

The IQbuds Max can assist people who are mild to moderate hearing loss, if you hate the noise in restaurants or concerts it would help to because the earbuds know which sound you want to hear.

With Advanced Digital Signal Processing the IQbuds Max not only enhances the sound but it keeps the fidelity of the sound.



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