I ordered KZ ZS10 Pro on Single’s Day

The biggest ecommerce sales events in Asia just started and I pulled my trigger for the KZ ZS10 Pro, no mic version on Aliexpress (also available on Amazon for $49). The current price is $29 with the same price for a decent pair of TWS. I chose no mic version (pure black color) since it’s a waste to use with smartphones except I have Sony Xperia 1 III or LG V60 ThinQ, these phones have built-in DAC for better audio quality output. 

I’m no longer interested in TWS’s sound because of the Bluetooth audio hinderance (but they are technologically advanced with a lot of feature and surrounding sound feature), and there is a trending on on TikTok that Gen Z is plugging in wired earbuds and tuning out TWS, but but you should know that general looking earbuds won’t sound as good as these budget IEMs. Going back to old days with a cable can be a good thing you explore the sound you’ve never heard that TWS are lack off.

KZ ZS10 Pro

I ordered this set to compare the sound quality with more expensive TWS that cost double or triple. 

The package should arrive within 18-36 days. 

The KZ ZS10 Pro are IEMs highly-rated by audio enthusiasts and audiophiles for their excellent sound quality. They have 4BA+DD on each piece DD to drive the bass and 4BA for clarity, detail and separation over layer. 

Skimming several reviews I rounded up a few highlights: 

  • Excellent build quality for the price 
  • Despite being built with a lot of drivers and sophisticated internal components they have lightweight design, comfortable to wear.
  • Refined, wise sound with balanced sounding profile, but hold on the bass is really powerful.
  • They play loud and easy to drive

But if you’re nitpicky, mid-range may feel a bit intrusive, it goes noticed anyway and while you see a lot of TWS today, the KZ ZS10 Pro’s long cable can be strange. 

All these things I will go through to verify in detail when I test the product. 

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