How To Wear Earbuds Properly For Better Sound

Even you own the best earbuds, if they don’t fit very well into your ears, you will never get optimum sound–the frequency response curve produced in the way designers aimed to. Sometimes, you may have a bad review about your new pair of earbuds because you wear them in the wrong way (which cause discomfort and sound leakage, as well as degradation of bass). In this post I will guide you how to wear earbuds properly for better sound experience.

To improve the comfort and sound quality, wearing the earbuds correctly is a must, then you don’t have to turn music loud to boost enjoyment, which in turn potentially impairs hearing. The audiologists recommend to wear earbuds in the right angle that the sound will travel straightly to eardrum.

how does sound travel into eardrum

Insert the earbuds in the right direction.

You naturally put your earbuds into your ears, probably, you don’t know there is the other way around that you can wear earbuds inversely to the orginal postion. As far I’ve known there are a couple of different way to wear earbuds: upside down wear (since earbud housing twists and follows the angle) and the other way is simple as normally you do. 

There Are Typically Three Ways To Wear Earbuds:

1. Over the ear in back, the wire is on your back (Shure SE215 earbuds)

2. Similar to the first but the wire you put forward, this method is common for workingout and it’s most secure fit.

3. And the most popular method: straight down, everyone does.

The method 1 and 2 are applicable for those who don’t wear glasses. If you wear glasses, don’t get earbuds that only allow you have’em on these ways.

3 ways to wear earbuds

The picture inlustrated 3 different ways to wear earbuds From

How to wear earbuds properly for working out, running, cycling, and exercising: wrap wire behind outer ear, and insert earbuds as normal (on the right ). Personally, I think this is the most appropriate way to keep earbuds in position.

How to wear earbuds in picture

On the side of earbuds housing you will find the “L” refering to wearing on the left, and “R” refering to wearing on the right. Normally hear sound from Left earbud more treble and louder than from the Right earbuds.

From my experience with Sony earbuds, when you change wearing R-earbud on the left ear and L-earbud on the right, the bass will noticeably drop. Ok you should try some dance music and will find out because it’s up to earbud brand to enigneer this feature. There is a reason why you should wear correctly to the side check out this link for more information or to be specific it is not the matter of fitting but the sound effects that sometimes are aimed to the specifice side(L or R) through the stereo sound channels. Or listen to this song, in the first 20″ you will only hear some tones only present on the Left earbuds. Check it out

It also depends on your earbuds tips design, most in-ear headphones are inserted into ear canals and you can have them on in different ways. You can twist them for further fitting to avoid sound leaking.

Play music, see you have the optimized sound, if not adjust the earbuds by pulling, pushing or twisting them you will notice the difference. Dont’ push them so tight into ear canals. Wear them in the direction that you feel most comfortable.

Let’s See How Other Earbuds Are Worn

How to wear shure earbuds? Shure 535 one of the best shure earbuds.

How to wear shure earbuds

Some Sony earbuds specifically desiged for an active lifestyle such as Sony XBABT75. The direction allows you to wear them in only by this way.

How to wear Sony XBABT75 earbuds

The bose earbuds require you to put the “wing” in to right position. You can only see earbuds tips (SecureStayHear ear tips) from Bose, which provides more secure fit for running for example. However do you take your expensive bose for running? It may get damaged if it drops on the pavement.

How to wear bose earbuds with wing design

The bose quiet comfort with wing design, the most comfortable ANC earbuds

Sony earbuds with loops or clips. The soft loop is hanged on ears, I’s ok if they can be adjustable, otherwise they are too tight or loosen on your ears. The advantage of this design: earbuds will not drop off. However, be careful when handling them, in the most case the clips are cracked.

wear earbuds with loop design

If you listen music in a room, you will feel sound much better than outside or spacious areas. Imagine your ear canal is a small room, if earbuds create sound well enough and better noise-isolation, you will have a perfect music to enjoy. All these things are gained from wearing earbuds properly. 

If Your Earbuds Still Don’t Fit Right

Once properly worn, it’s not easy that the earbuds will fall out even you run very fast. Everyone’s ear is not exactly the same, so If you’ve tried many ways with universal eartips but feel uncomfortable, you may want to look for aftermarket earbud tips, they are varied in more sizes which you can easily figure out a right pair.

Above all after you figure out the right way to wear earbuds, to prevent hearing lost you should limit the volume to 60% of maximum level.

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How do you wear your earbuds please comment below!

Updated on 05/18/2018

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