How to turn your earbuds into waterproof earbuds?

Ocassionally, when you go swimming and want to use your earbuds for “music under water” but wait! it’s not waterproof? what are you going to listen now ? If you have read our post about What’s the best waterproof earbuds? you will see they cost some more money and you don’t want to invest more on earbuds. Your iPod or mp3 Player  are not waterproof too. You probably think of making them become waterproof. Yeah, you’re right. There is a simple way to make it true.

Recently, I’ve found out the interesting product to change completely your earbuds into waterproof earbuds. The I Phone. Smartphone Waterproofing Military Nanotechnology can make any portable devices become waterproof. Now, you can make your move underwater with music with your favorite gadgets. Let’s your favorite music tune when swimming as music boosts you motivation and it’s going to be more exciting.

Which portable devices do you want to stick to your body to play your favorite tracks during playing water sports with your friend? Smart phones, Mp3 players, iPod, or Sony walkman. Personally I prefer the light and compact mp3 players. The best choice would be iPhod nano or Shuffe since light weight and small size give me more comfortable and convenient I swimming. However, the Apple doesn’t give these devices waterproof functions.

How to make my earbuds become waterproof. Photo from sharpologist

Go online, search for waterproof earbuds, you can find many but some of these earbuds have problems with sound quality, durability and design, and they still can make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, the price of these earbuds are quite expensive. Another reason is that you like your own earbuds don’t want to switch to another, when you own a quality earbuds, listening to sounds of cheap waterproof earbuds will disappoint you.

Finnally, you reach out the solution: Make your earbuds become waterproof. That’s being said, Waterproofing Military Nanotechnology offers the solutions for your earbuds to prevent the inside components of earbuds housing from getting wet. The technique is simple, which exploits the medthod that use liquid coating to cover your tech gears outside the housing.

What is Nanostate Flash Flood Green?

The ano coating ultilizes liquid nano, which will dry after coating your earbuds for a while. The coating is pretty durable and interestingly you can perform the coating by yourself at home – another great DIY product. You can make them coat on your earbuds, smartphones and play around with water anywhere without any trouble with your devices. You can enjoy water sports on the beach or whatever sports you like since it’s safe to dampen your nano coated devices underwater. Your devices will be 100% waterproof for less than $50.

How do you make your earbuds become waterproof?

This is the guide how to turn your earbuds into waterproof earbuds. Because earbud housing and in-line controller in earbuds are components that mostly water leak in. Nanostate Flash Flood Green will seal the slits or tiny holes on these parts.

Step 1: Wear the glove.

Step 2: Put some drops of Nanostate Flash Flood Green into small plastic bag

Step 3: Keep shaking in 3 minutes. Let’s your earbuds in the plastic bag in 10 minutes. By doing so the liquid nano will go into the slits, settle and dry, making a perfect seal. After 10 minutes, dry the earbuds. For better sealing you can repeat several times.

Step 3, repeat from steps 1 to 3: 3 times.

Or you can watch this video



It’s fun but carefully, don’t take risk to your expensive earbuds. If you do the instructions above exactly step by step, your earbuds never get damaged by water. It’s not recommended for expensive earbuds with inline mic, because it may block the mic.

Enjoy your music while swimming!

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