How To Enter Earbuds Market And Sell Your Very First Products on Amazon

Jeff Bezos (is worth $145.6 Bn) created a great platform where anyone can sell or even establish a brand. A lot of sellers are successful on Amazon such as Taotronics, Mpow, SoundPeats, Phaiser and Anker. These brands targets low-end audio markets (I think they started since 2013 or early 2014). Quick search for earbuds, Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon you would see earbuds from these brands popping up.

You can do the same to.

First you would have an idea about the product, earbuds earphones – Read my post about earbuds buying guide you would know which type of earbuds you want to sell and best cheap earbuds post to figure out which earbuds are best selling.

Or go to Alibaba, 1688, JD, Aliexpress or Amazon you get a ton of product ideas.

Once you find a good seller – A good seller means they have a high-profile on the website.

Contact the seller for price and MOQ. Most importantly I know the product can compete on the market.

Make an WordPress website hosted by Dreamhost

It is easy, you can make it in 1 hour even if you don’t have any ideas about making a website.

Install WooCommerce Plugin.

Post your products on your website – this serves the purpose that when people search for your brand on Google or Social Network I know about your brand in the first place.

You can even make an Android App for your earbuds.

Create a seller account on Amazon. It will be a bit complicated if you are international sellers. You have to prepare documents (bank statement, ID or passport, Payoneer account for receiving payment, A credit card for incurring payment).

After Amazon approved your seller account – you may sell on Amazon. Post your products on Amazon.

Ship your products to Amazon Warehouses

Well, all’s set – Now it depends on your marketing skills to make profit and establish your brand.

Worried about you can not compete with other sellers? – Sound quality and design may come first – but it also depends largely on how you post, advertise and market your products. Cheap earbuds are less about sound but exotic design.

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