How In Ear Detection Feature Works?

Currently, TWS market get countless brands and models. More and more smartphone users switched to use this type of earbuds for their compact size, wireless experience.

Apparently like almost Bluetooth earbuds, once you pick the buds out of the charging case they are automatically connected with your phone. But it doesn’t just that, they can ‘sense’ whether they are in your ears or not to play/pause the music that create seamless experience.

In ear detection feature was first introduced on AirPods since then other brands follow up Apple and include this feature to their earbuds.

So what’s in ear detection?

The earbuds identify whether earbuds are in the ear of out of the ear to play/pause the music. But what if you just remove a bud from your ear, the other will continue to play? yes it depends on how you set up this feature. If both are removed from your ears for a long time for example you leave them on the table, it will switch off.

Which sensors used for in ear detection?

There are two kind of sensors for ear detection – optical sensor and capacitive sensor.

Capacitive sensor doesn’t require open-area on earbuds, they are less accurate and cheaper than optical sensors.

The optical senssor working principle is based on the infrared emission and reflection that received in designated area – which will evaluate the signal intensity to decide earbuds are being worn or not. Optical sensors are expensive, hard to resemble but they are more accurate.

You can clearly see the optical sensor located on optimal position on earbud.

Optical sensors are built-in 10% of all earbuds on the market and of earbuds with ear detection 80% uses optical sensors because of their advantages weigh over the price.

TWS that use optical sensors

Apple AirPods Pro are the most advanced true wireless earbuds with in ear detection, fast charging, spatial audio, transparency and ANC. They are great for calls too. Interacting with earbuds like pressing with two fingers is fun and nifty.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – two optical sensors

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are ANC earbuds, they look more sporty than AirPods Pro. To maximize the accuracy of in ear detection, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds use two optical sensors for earch bud.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro are AirPpods Pro for Huawei phones. With more advanced ANC that automatically switch to the mode

Haylou GT5 gaming earbuds with low latency (as low as 65ms).

Haylou GT5 support Bluetooth 5.0, touch control, AAC condec and they are cheapest earbuds with optical sensor.

Xiaomi Air 2 Pro – other cheapie with in ear detecthion using optical sensor.

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