High-Grade Silicone Eatips for True Wireless Earbuds

SpinFit CP360 retails for $11 on Amazon

Foam eartips are not durable, and the rubber eartips included with your true wireless earbuds are just standard. It’s such a waste of TWS if you don’t use high quality eartips.

Check your nozzle of your earbuds, if it size varies in a the range of 4.0 – 5.5 mm, it will be compatible with the premium silicone tips SpinFit CP360.

SpinFit CP360 works with TWS models such as Jabra Elite 65t, Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless, Anker SOUNDCORE Liberty Lite, Sony WF-SP700N, B&O Beoplay E8, SOL REPUBLIC Amps Air, Pioneer SE-C8TW, RHA, JVC TrueConnect, NuForce Be Free5 and more extended to wire wireless earbuds.

Quick specs

  • Transparent silicone – bore’s color green/red
  • Last until your earbuds last
  • More comfortable, tighter fit
  • Increase noise isolation
  • Refine the sound (a bit enhance the high range and bass)
  • The INNER diameter (bore size) is 3.6m
  • The package includes 2 pairs (you pick 2 different sizes of eartips)

What’s high-grade silicone?

Formulated as high-temperature, stretching resistant, the high-grade silicone is medical grade and skin friendly. Their surface prevents biofilm formation.

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