Have you tried KZ eartips

I guest most of you never try this type of eartips.

They look almost the same as other rubber/silicon tips but if you notice there is a small difference on the top of eartips. This I think will allow the air coming in and out so you feel less tight and possibly more comfortable.

The 3 pairs of eartips has size S, M, L – with outer diameter 10, 12, 13.5mm respectively.

The hole diameter: 4mm

If you have KZ earbuds models such as ZS3 (over – ear wearing style), ED12, ED10, ED9, ED3, ZS10/AS10, EDR1, ZS5 ZS6 and so on. They would be a great fit.

The KZ eartips only cost for less than $1.

About KZ brand – A rising brand as cheap IEMs, budget earbuds with solid build quality.

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