GH300 – Ultra-Low Power Heart Rate Sensor for true wireless earbuds

GH300 – A solution for true wireless earbuds to track heart rates.

As TWS makers are competing by latest features, HR monitoring isn’t a source that has not crowned a top performer yet.

So companies are seeking for new solutions – more accurate, ultra-power consumption and easily to integrate.

Extracting the in-ear heart rate information is tricky. Not only is the sensitvity of HR sensor high but the designated place for sensor is also important. And the module for the HR should consumes less power. Bluetooth processor maker such as Qualcomm has built the HR function into their board and well the compatibility is another concern for HR modules.

Resolving these things the HR sensor will be great to be built for earbuds and the latest GH300 would be a fit.

Quick specs

  • Dimension: 4.3 mm × 2.6 mm × 0.9 mm
  • Ultra-Low Power consumption

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