Galaxy Buds Live vs. AirPods Pro

TWS now stands out the crowd by design and advanced features. Apple Airpods Pro and Galaxy Buds Live are kind of unique for their design, but it’s hard to tell which pair is better rather we focus on their application and usability when making a comparison.

A note that the later is $80 cheaper than the first pair that charge you $250.

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Round – winnerGalaxy Buds LiveAirPods Pro
1. Sound qualityMore dynamic and punchy bass, clean mid-range and treble good bass response, pleasant to listen toNeutral sounding profile, clear treble, sweet mid-range and quite good bass (a kick in bass)
2. Fit and ComfortUnsealed in the ear, let the ambient sound in (open design) they don’t enter ear canals. Not for small ears. More discreet in the earsSealed in the ear with eartips – more options for fitting, great noise isolation, greatly comfortable for long listening sessions
3. Sweet resistant and sport featureDon’t fall out if you shake your head badly even you sweet a lot. Rated IPX2. They stay put for runningDon’t fall out if you shake your head badly even you sweet a lot. IPX4 – more resistant to sweet. Though buds does slide out a bit when running
4. ANCLess effectiveMore effective
5. Control customizationTap control – Yes
Volume control – Yes
Volume control – No
6. Transparancy modeLet in even more ambient soundHear more the surrounding
7. Call qualityThe same as Airpods Pro but better in noise environmentGood for calls
8. Bone conduction techYesNo
9. Surround Sound FeatureNoSpatial Audio (iOS14)
10. GPSShow the location of last pairing, find my earbuds with chirpingShow the location of last pairing
11. Battery life5 and 20 min with ANC4-5 hours with ANC
12. Charging caseGive 29 hours more of battery for earbuds, wireless chargingGive 24 hours more of battery for earbuds, wireless charging

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