Galaxy Buds Live are Repairable And Their Battery Is Replaceable Too

A medium post once blamed AirPods over the environmental concern created by AirPods, one reason it points out is it’s impossible to repair the AirPods at home.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Buds Live with unique bean-shaped earbuds and a lot of advanced featured packed in and they may cause less environmental impact as a “disposable” device. It could be the trending for all Bluetooth earbuds – that they should be more rugged and the battery is in form of a modular design so they can be replaced easily.

Galaxy Buds Live could take less effort to repair than AirPods.


ifixit rated Buds Live’s repairability score is 8 out of 10.

If you just ordered they Galaxy Buds Live and their battery lifespan could nearly reach to end in 2022, they probably could hold just 30% charges. It’s the time you could do some fun thing replacing their battery.

Luckily you can find their battery online.

A teardown show the Galaxy Buds Live has Varta lithium battery (Model CP1254 A3 with nominal voltage of 3.7V)

Credit image: – Varta lithium button battery also found in AirPods, Sony, Amazon, B&O TWS earbuds

That’s just battery matter, the Galaxy Buds Live may break – you drop them quite frequently, your sweat or water leaked in before its batteries no longer hold charge.

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