Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro Comparison

Galaxy Buds Pro haven’t been released just yet, I’ve got the leaked official comparison of three Samsung TWS earbuds, Galaxy Buds +, Live and Pro


The Galaxy Buds Pro’s price is set to $199 in US.

Driver Configuration

The Galaxy Buds Pro have dual dynamic driver configuration the same as Galaxy Buds+, which is unconventional for both shape and sound (11mm driver unit for woofer and the other 6.5mm as a tweeter. I was surprised that the Buds Pro doesn’t come with BA driver.

Number of Microphones and Call Performance

We’re expected that the Buds Pro will have same call quality as Buds+ with three microphones.

Voice Assistant

The Buds Pro support hand-free Bixby voice activation.

IPX rating

The Buds Pro have highest IPX rating – IPX7, meaning they are better for sports though I’m not sure they have more secure fit than counterparts.

Battery Life

The Buds Pro have less juice than Galaxy Buds+

Sound Quality

The Buds Pro I think will have the same sound as Buds+ which is better than AirPods Pro for clarity in sound and amount of bass , but it’s reportedly that Buds Pro will include the Spatial Audio feature as Airpods Pro, making it a more appealing option than the Buds+.

Buds Pro’s 360 audio feature work like existed in AirPods Pro – basically the sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to track user’s head, but this feature is only available for new Galaxy S21.

Active Noise Cancellation

Both Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds+ supports ANC with multiple levels, but with in-ear design the Buds Pro’s ANC is more effective. It also supports ambient sound mode that you can chat with your friend without removing the buds and have a feature called “voice detect” that will detect when you’re talking – ANC switched to ambient sound and automatically turn the volume down, after a couple of seconds you stop talking things return to normal.


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