Future Headphones – Science Fiction

Here are a few of my predictions about future headphones

Bluetooth headphones can be wirelessly charged – At the end of the day when you come back your room just leave your headphone in your backpack they will be fully charged the next morning. Currently the wireless charging is possible but you have to leave your charging case of TWS on a mat.

Bluetooth earbuds get fully charged in matter of seconds – Fast fuel charging tech is growing fast – For now, the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Earphones can play 5 hours with just 10 minute of charging.

Touchscreen display – You can control tracks, volume and voice assistant – A lot of headphones have touch control but the touchscreen display is not yet available.

Headphones can read your mind – they know when you are angry or disappointed to calm you down. The idea is the headphones will be able to scan your waves from your mind and AI will do the analysis job to know what you feel – from which they will generate the sound-wave inverse to the wave you just created. Basically it works just like a noise-cancelling headphone – but deal with different type of waves.

Tracking your heart-rate precisely – Samsung and other audio makers did tried this but it seems less interested by users and even users gets to know their HR patterns it is meaningless.

Headphones are capable of drowing out all the noise – that mean you hear the ZERO noise level – it opens a silent world when you have them on and you can even adjust how much noise you want to hear. Active noise cancelling tech is abundant, but it can’t cover a wide range of frequencies – high pitched sound is still present when you wear ANC headphones.

Real-time translation – you can talk with foreigners at ease.

In the future when AI is mature they can extract a lot of info from HR patterns to give you a right health status like blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Headphones also can be a shopping assistant.

Headphones assists user sleep better.

5G – Headphones

5G-headphones connect with your phones not via Bluetooth but 5G and you area able to pick the songs on Spotify or other streaming app and playing on the headphone. The 5G – Headphones have their own OS which is stored in a Cloud server and you access to their OS by username/password.

You can also interact with your headphones by voice command let’s say “tell me the nearest restaurents?

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