Five Reasons I hate Beats’ Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earbuds

5 Reasons I hate Beats’ Powerbeats Pro. But they have a lot to love.


Beats’ Powerbeats Pro are expensive – $250 really it has to be expensive since Apple acquired Beats for a whopping $3.2 billion I don’t know how many years the Apple starts to gain.


Because of it’s size – I don’t think it’s worth it to go truly wireless. If you ever compare cheap true wire wireless earbuds (such as LyreBeats-S1) and Beats’ Powerbeats – the cable or no cable I feel the same.

The size of carrying case is no longer an advantage for true wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

Well the sound all the internet and review sites cry for its sound quality – great bass – best sounding true wireless earbuds. You have to agree that “Sports or Bluetooth sound” is not equal to audiophiles’ sound.

No touch control

No touch control – you hard press the physical buttons. Maybe the idea of Powerbeats Pro is for sports so no need for high tech here.

Can’t replace the battery

After 2 years the battery starts to degrade – it looses capacity and you can’t replace the battery.

But most people will love Beats’ Powerbeats Pro for its great connection stability and effortless pairing and typical sound signature and design..

Apple will release new colors of Beats Pro at the end of August, 2019 – ivory, moss and navy.


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