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While Dynamic driver plays an important role for the rumbling bass and dynamic sound, Balanced Armature (BA) drivers define the clarity in certain ranges. Earbuds in ear headphones today are taking advantages of both these drivers, either they are build with dual dynamic drivers or a hybrid – one BA and the other Dynamic. Here are 5 best possible dual driver earbuds you could buy for any budget.

  • True wireless earbuds are now built with more drivers – Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus with two dynamic drivers and KZ E10 with 2 BA + 1 Dynamic

1A&S Wired Earbuds – For budget Buyer

Dual Driver

Two units of 6mm dynamic driver and BA driver

  • Dual Dynamic drivers and a Balanced Armature Driver
  • Number of driver: Three
Design and Feature

The entire construction of A&S earbuds from cable, plug to housings are pretty durable. They don’t look like any earbuds we’ve seen.

Sound quality
  • Bass: if you get the tight seal, the bass is great, accurate and really punchy
  • Treble/highs: pleasant to listen to
  • Mid-range: this range seems to be over-shadowed by the bass, feel lacking in shininess
Also consider
  • Actionpie in-Ear Headphones Earbuds – no difference 
  • UiiSii T8 in-Ear Earbuds – the same pair of dual driver earbuds from another brand

2Sony XBAH1 Hybrid Dual Driver – For audiophile

Dual Driver
  • Type Dynamic and Balanced Armature Driver
  • Number of driver: Two
Design and Feature

The Sony XBAH1 is the best value for the money of all Sony in ear headphones, considering 3 factors combined, which is build quality, sound and comforts. Though they feature large housings that possibly don’t fit everyone’s ears, once they fit right into your ears, you would get the most out of its potential sound.

Sound quality

The sound of Sony XBAH1 overall is dynamic and detailed.

  • Bass: strong bass performance, crisp and powerful
  • Treble: clear without distortion
  • Mid-range: nice and sweet
Also consider
  • Denon AH-C820 with Dual Air Compression drivers

31MORE Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones

Dual Driver
  • A dynamic driver and a balanced armature
  • Number of driver: two
Design and Feature

1More is successful with their 1More tripble driver earbuds that has topped the list for best $100 earbuds for many years since they were introduced in 2016. Their recent release, the 1MORE Dual Driver is also favored by head-fi community. My first impression about this pair of dual driver earbuds are the great build quality. The housings of 1MORE Dual Driver are made of aluminium, they are quite well-built and lightweight and compact. We found its size is smaller than most dual driver earbuds on the market.

Sound quality
  • Bass is great, puchy and really fun
  • Treble is sparkly 
  • Mid-range: a bit darkish 
Also consider
  • BASN BsingerBC100

4SIVGA SM001 Dual Driver Earphones Earbuds

Dual Driver
  • Type: A Balanced Armature Driver & A Dynamic Driver
  • Number of driver: two
Design and Feature

The SIVGA SM001 offers over-ear wear style, which is comfortable and secure. The noise isolation is pretty good too, the cable is very durable and is detachable to earbuds

Sound quality

Nozzle filters to adjust sound signature to your preference you have three option

You can change the sound signature of the SIVGA SM001 by replacing the removeable nozzle filter.

  • The bass is great
  • Treble: clear 
  • Mid-range: sweet and pronounced
Also consider
  • 1More triple driver earbuds

5MEE audio M7 PRO Dual Driver

Dual Driver
  • Type
  • Number of driver
Design and Feature

MEE persists the design of  IEM PRO series with transparent housings, so everything inside are exposed. The nozzles are a bit longer than average earbuds so the earbuds go deeper into the ear canal, which impoves fit and sound isolation. The L-shaped jack is solidly built the cable is constructed of 3 layers, rubber, metal and silicon, the inline-control with mic is also transparent.

Sound quality
  • Bass:  powerful, solid and punchy, not just deep but speedy too.
  • Treble: refine and feel extended, sparkling but not edgy 
  • Mid-range: would be shiny and more pronounced 
Also consider

There are a few dual driver Bluetooth earbuds you may be interested in Phaiser BHS-790 Bluetooth Dual Graphene Drivers and AWEI neckband Bluetooth headphones, both these earbuds look quite similar, but the later has longer lasting battery. 

Since TIN Audio T2 Dual driver was released in 2017 – it was a symbol of rock-solid build earphones.

Though earpieces are a bit heavy and not for everyone’s ear – it does sound good. I also like the detachable cable that somtimes I tug the cable it will reduce the chance cable breaking or frying.

Best Dual Driver Earbuds
  • Design and comfort
  • Build quality
  • Sound quality
  • Value


Sony XBAH1 Hybrid Dual Driver are the best dual-driver earphones you could buy

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