Fake Airpods (Airpods replica, clone) Are They Any Better?

Fake Airpods (Airpods replica, clone, knockoff) look insanely like Apple Airpods – and while they may be worth listening outdoor they never have all the features that come with original Airpods.

Earpods and now Airpods the Apple takes over the true wireless earbuds’ market. Because it’s so popular and creating a tech culture phenomenal – it is a subject for copycat.

Fake Earpods are just 2 bucks, which is ten times cheaper than authentic Earpods. It happens the same for Airpods, the fake Airpods (Airpods clone or replica) – you can buy fake Airpods for $39 four times cheaper compared to the orignal price of Airpods.

I did a research and bought a numerous samples of fake Airpods (aka Airpods replica, clone) to test – on JD, GearBest, 1688, Aliexpress, Amazon. Shipping time varies on your location – but if you order on Aliexpress – it may cost just a couple of bucks.

So fake Airpods – Are They Any Good? I would say YES

First off – The Battery

Apple claimed the Airpods 2’s battery life is up to 5 hours and the fake Airpods are easy to achieve that battery life. Though the charging case of the fake hold less juice – about 10 hours compared to 24 hours for their buds.

The quality of battery is another thing to compare but we all know that after 18 months Airpods’ battery and charging case starts to degrade. It happens the same to all fake Airpods models.

Airpods case can be charged by lightning, Airpods clones do it via Micro-USB.

Case can be wirelessly charged

LK-TE9 TWS fake Airpods for example has a charging case that can be charged on the included mat.

Bluetooth processor – H1 vs others (Airoha, Realtek)

With the latest Bluetooth chip H1 Apple developed and built in Airpods – the paring is ***quick and easy. It automatically pairs with your phone almost instantly.

H1 has a feature that can detect when airpods are removed out of your ear to stop and play when you put it back.

Connecting Clone, fake Airpods to your iPhones is not painful but it takes a little effort that once you get used to Airpods you don’t want to go to another option.

Airpods Clones such as Airsounds also doesn’t have perfect yet Bluetooth connection though they are supported by Bluetooth 5.0 like Airpods.

Sometimes it lost the connection – the hiccup while you take the fake with you for outdoor activity.

Audio performance

How do they sound? it is the most interesting fact I want to figure out?

Airpods carried on the weakness of Earpods at bass performance – but their sound profile is natural, airy and well nice to most people’s ears. It may come from the simplicity in design (kick out eartips).

Closely inspect the vent on Airpods and Airpods replicas you would see that the vent position is not the same. On the fake there is no vent at all.

While the Airpods’ sound is purposely cover a specific range of frequencies – the level of clarity and detail I can feel it clearly. Fake Airpods don’t, but overall they sound pretty decent.

The difference is not easily noticed, I think only purists who sit in a quiet room and compare each by each can distinguish the sound.

It harly notice when I go outside, walking though.

How does it feel in your ears

Apple passed the design concept of Earpods into the Airpods (inspired by star wars’ iconic stormtrooper) you wear them but don’t feel like you have them on. That’s comfortable and lightweight. Fake or clone Airpods are either smaller or larger if they may not be that comfortable as Airpods, but they may fit more securely.

Airpods has no button

While Airpods are clean with no physical attacted to it – Airpods replica have a button to switch on/off. It’s fine since most wire wireless earbuds also have buttons. And after use you have to power off the buds.


Fake airpods include all the accessories you need and you don’t have to pay more. For instance, the i60 TWS  includes a silicon case cover, buds cover, string attached and wireless charging mat.

Are you willing to pay more for Airpods accessories?

Should I buy fake (clone) Airpods?

Frankly Airpods are expensive and it isn’t worth the money – you can always find another pair of TWS for cheaper price. But if you’d like to know how fake Airpods looks and sounds in your ears just like Airpods give it a try.

These TWS earbuds are not really fake Airpods – they do a better job for noise – isolation

My country is a neighbor of China so I am able to grab the newest fake Airpods quickly before they ship to US and sold on Amazon. It takes just about 10 days to get all my samples after they are released in China

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