AirPods Pro Lite (Clone) Is Now Available To Buy

Apple has not yet released the AirPods Pro Lite the cheaper version of AirPods Pro without ANC and there is a rumor that the AirPods Pro Lite will be available later this year. For now can find online AirPods Pro Lite clone which cost $50 or less.

The clone sounds almost like Airpods Pro but with stronger bass.

It’s possible to make your own AirPods Pro Lite in China, since there’s always an alternative for electronics parts in China.

Some sellers come up with the idea to make AirPods Pro (clone) with or without ANC function and sell these products on some market places.

I found a few of them that work.

Equipped with Airoha 1536, the AirPods Pro Lite clone have light sensor (instead of innovative force sensor) for auto play/pause music and transparency mode. This chipset model has been spotted in Realme Buds Air – another Airpods clone.

Quick specs from the AB1536 Bluetooth chipset: transparency mode, EQ, noise reduction mic, touch control, no noise cancellation included.

A teardown shows that the model includes button lithium battery which is more compact and has more cycle life.

Charging case has wireless charging feature and nifty metal hinge for closing click that is quite addictive – the same experience as original.

Other features like Remane the bud/GPS to locate the buds from last pairing, pop-up notification for pairing are also included.

Where to buy?

If you are interested in buying the Airpods Pro Lite clone – there are a few option on Aliexpress and Alibaba. Search for words or phrases related to Airoha 1536 you probably end up with some sellers. Thoroughly check the sellers and product reviews and buy at your own risk.

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