Best AirPods Pro Clones in 2020

AirPods Pro cost a hefty price and whether you can afford or not getting a clone/replicate/knockoff pair with a fraction of cost may be interesting. You get the sound quality, features, battery life and the exact Airpods Pro look though the build quality is varied and not guaranteed.

Search for AirPods Pro knockoffs you may end up with a lot of pairs – the closest would be equipped with Realtek, Airoha Bluetooth chip, quite good build quality, included transparency mode, force touch control and interestingly there are metal vents on housings. Though on the charging case there is no shiny steel hinge and audio share feature is not included.

Lower-end models are equipped with AIROHA / BES Bluetooth chipset, and depending on the chip those models may not support NC, models with  JL (2019) chip even lack more features.

Here are best AirPods pro replica you can buy in 2020

The best clones have NC, transparency mode, metal vents, force touch control and solid sound quality.

These models below come without NC

Knockies KP Pro – Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Available in black and white version

Knockies KP Pro don’t sound exactly the same as AirPods Pro, the low-ends adds some more bass, while mid-range is somewhat matched and the highs is not as airy and exciting as originals.

Matte BlackPods Pro MAX

An alternative to the Knockies KP Pro (if not available), though this pair doesn’t sound better.

AirPods Pro Clone Buying Guide

Where to buy?

Other than Knockies or BlvckPods (probably they are resellers) you can buy AirPods Pro clone from Aliexpress. Their customer service isn’t as great as Amazon’s, if you get defect products the chance you may not get a full refund.

Aliexpress is a marketplace and sellers on this platform are Chinese companies. On their product page you could see a lot of reviews, like fake reviews on Amazon, it’s even more popular on Aliexpress. The quality control of AirPods Pro reps may not be secure so you may get a defective pair.

Add the text “No logo box, with text on case, declare Gift and Value: $11 please” to the Additional Remarks Optional section of the order page. If you don’t the box package may come with Apple logo and it’s more likely it get seized at customs. Yo can contact the seller to reaffirm the model name (which chipset the model come with) – This is recommended by Reptronics – Reddit’s thread.


Not just the earbuds themselves you may have Apple’s unboxing experiences

But since the box quality varies and maybe no Apple logo on the box that is just a the white box as AirPods Pro.


Earbuds and charging case battery shown separately

When you open the case, press the back button, the notification pops up on your phone screen instantly. The notification displays earbuds and charging case’s battery level.

Bluetooth range is longer or less than 10 meters – standards for most sets of TWS.

Advanced feature like multipoint is not supported.

Battery life

Photo: iFixit and 52Audio

Most AirPods Pro clone can last up to 4 hours, models with low-power consumption chip, higher capacity and quality battery last longer. You can check the battery level on either iOS and Android phones though battery indicator is not accurate.

Airpods Pro clones don’t have button battery.

Carrying case can be wirelessy charged, you must be cautious with charging – type of Qi Wireless Charging Pad and how much time you leave it on the pad for charging. In case of wire charging for safety do not to use fast charging.


Features like Audio Share, touch control customization, changing Buds’ name, transparency mode are not all available.

Feature supported by sensor to pause your music when you remove one earbuds actually work, the same for tap/force sensor but it’s perfect.

Call quality

Just passable not as good as originals. If you’re lucky you may get a set with clean sound – good call quality that is good enough for daily calls and online meetings.

Build quality

The nozzles are not exactly the same but the latest model with ANC has the same interface

Not talking about the sound quality, worn on ear you get the same experience as original AirPods Pro – though the clone is slightly lighter but you never notice. The housings of clones are a bit larger I think this is because of the material to mold the housing, the clone is made with thicker housing to ensure the build quality.

Opening and closing AirPods Pro’s case is exciting – because they have steel hinge. You may get this too. A note that plastic hinge loosens.

Sound quality

It’s true that AirPods Pro sound significantly better – richer and bassier than AirPods 2 and most AirPods Pro clones dont’ catch up with the original’s soudning profile – they offer more bass and less natural.

Before testing AirPods Pro replicates’ sound you should let them burn in – relax the electronic components – my suggestion is play music in 1 hours at average volume level they will sound better after burning in.

Airpods Pro knockoffs may sound about 80% as good as original AirPods Pro.

Bluetooth chip and other factors defines the sound but some has more bass, the mid-range could be matched and the treble is somewhat less bright and clear. You can find models with balanced sound though.

Sound separation – the reps resolves won’t be beat the authentic if you try music with a lot of layers it can be messy.

Latency is another take note – 80-150ms compared to AirPods Pro having the audio latency of 144 milliseconds.

AirPods Pro knockoffs issues

One bud sounds louder than the other you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility to adjust the audio balance.

They are not authentic products your sets my encounters with a couple of problems. If your earbuds don’t sync to each other you should do the reset – remove earbuds from Bluetooth setting and clear earbuds’ memory. Methods for resetting are involved in soft and hard reset.

Turn off the Bluetooth, open the case and hold the back button for a couple of second – then the light start flashing, close the lid. Let’s it for a minute or more then you can reconnect.

How to tell if AirPod Pro are fake?

The key feature of Airpods Pro is ANC, clones won’t get this feature.


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