Everything You Need to Know About Apple Airpods 3

True wireless earbuds now are main streams.

It’s true that they don’t sound better because wireless connection like a bottle-neck hinders the sound – which related to compress the data and send over Bluetooth to headphones to resolve.

Instead of improving the sound of Airpods Apple makes it become smarter.

Here are a few upgrade features that possibly come with new Airpods 3

No design revamp

Airpods 3 would look the same as Airpods 2 – the orginal Apple earbuds’ design inspired by the dark side, or more specifically, the stormtroopers from Star Wars. Eventually it passed to Airpods and will continuously do so for next gens.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

Earpods and Airpods are bad at noise-isolation – it can be a good thing.

Apple will try fix it with ANC. Integrating ANC isn’t without compromises to the size.

I don’t think the current Airpods size allows more room for hosting more circuit boards that handle the NC.

If they do the NEXT Airpods will become bigger.

So Airpods 3 are just noise – isolating earbuds and actively cancel out the noise.

Heart Rate Monitoring – HRM

Apple Watchs are the most accurate HRM smart watch – and it is predictable that Apple can do the same for Airpods.

More color options

While Airpods are boring – it opens aftermarket for coating Airpods with black, red color and even gold.

From my point of view – to keep the cost minimum Apple won’t do it. But they probably they’ll do with a special grip coating on Airpods -reported by MacWorld

Airpods 3 do sound better Airpods 2

It doesn’t make senses too. They may offer an accessory that will be worn with Airpods 3 and it seals the sound in and increase a bit of bass.

Fast fuel charging

Airpods 3 can get fully charged within 10 minutes of charging.

Let’s me know if you have any ideas about Apple Airpods 3.

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