Everything You Need to Know About Apple Earbuds

Every iPhones comes with the Apple Earbuds, a wired in-ear headphones, which is capable of doing a lot more than you think.

The in-line control, which includes mic, volume buttons and center button can do a lot of things.


1. Press the center button once: It will play the song from the music app like Spotify or other streaming music apps

2. Press one more time, you will pause the song.

3. Press the center button twice to skip the song being played to the next song

4. Press the center button 3 times, to go back to the previous track

5. If your iPhone is playing a song, double-click and hold the center button on the last click, it will fast forward the song.

6. Trible-click and hold on the last click it will rewind the song.


7. If you get the phone call, Press the center button once to answer, the apple earbuds has the built-in microphone so you can use to take the call.

8. If you receive another call, while still on the on-going call, Press the center button once to switch to another call, while keeping the first caller on hold. If you want to ignore that the second incoming call, hold the center button for about 3 seconds then release.

9. To hang up a single phone call, just press the center button once.

10. If you want to ignore the phone call, press and hold the center button to direct the call to voice mail.


11. To activate Siri, you press and hold the center button.


12. To take a photo in camera app just by simply clicking on either volume buttons (-, +)


Its design has inspired to many earbuds maker, including Sony with Sony STH30 and Amazon with premium Earbuds. However Apple Earbuds are not that good at keeping out ambient noise since they don’t feature eartips, meaning the bass suffers and music is not sealed better in the ear.

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