Samsung Galaxy, Next Gen New Earbuds

Samsung has recently introduced their next gen flagship smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. It was reportedly come with new earbuds.

Samsung was supposedly teamed up with Sennheiser for their latest earbuds, which would be a revamp for audio quality. But it does appear that these earbuds were not products cooperated with Sennheiser.

Several pictures were leaked online. And the design, which a lot of resouces believe is similar to Apple earpods. But still we can not drawn any conclusion until it finally comes out to the market.

One thing you could notice in design is that Eartips are made from plastic and can be replaceable and they look particularly like Bose Adhere tips without a wing.

On the back of each earbuds housing, there is an open vent.

The new headsets feature the flat calbe to prevent tangles and an inline control that includes mic, button to pick up the call, and volume control


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