Do True Wireless Earbuds Cause Cancer?

Just a moment ago I opened the google search an article from inc. popped up

“Scientists Say Headphones Like Apple Airpods Could Cause Cancer”

I did a quick search and aslo found “There’s a rumor that AirPods and other wireless headphones cause cancer, but the truth is more complicated” posted by Businessinsider.

It’s true that wearing true wireless earbuds (TWS), your head exposes to radio-frequency radiation as Bluetooth technology used in earbuds operates at 2.4GHz RF.

Unlike wired Bluetooth earbuds which just one earbuds works as a Bluetooth receiver, TWS let your tissues in your head expose as twice as amount of radiation from wired Bluetooth counterparts because two earbuds receive RF from your phones or one receives from the other (in other words, they are synced to each other).

But we are exposed radiation from other source like smartphones or wifi routers, which is far greater than from earbuds. And it is not harmful to human.

Electromagnetic frequencies have a negative effect living organisms?

We don’t know yet. Some studies suggests it doesn’t damage DNA of exposed bacteria

And whether TWS technology could increase your risk of cancer, we also don’t know yet.

I still listen music from my TWS several hours a day. Not just for listening music, I also rely on TWS for their stellar call quality and now two earbuds can work at the same time when I make calls. I see more people having them on longer time and listening music at higher volume level, so my concerns are that habit could lead to hearing loss, which can be foreseen if they continue using earbuds that way, other than increasing the risk of cancer. There isn’t convincing evidence to support the dose of radtion and time of exposure from either smartphones or Bluetooth earbuds are harmful to us.

Are you worried about this matter? using wired earbuds but it doesn’t prevent you from exposure to phone’s radiation.

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