Custom Molded True Wireless Earbuds

Fit defines the sound quality, comfort, secure fit and noise isolation and custom molded eartips will improve listening experience.

Custom fit benefits:

  • Sound quality – Since the drivers stay in the same place sound blasting from them consistently.
  • Reduces background noises – the custom eartips fit exactly to the contours of your ear, blocking all background noises interfering the music.
  • Secure fit – great for active personalities.
  • Always comfortable – custom fit cause least discomfort.

Here are a few custom molded true wireless earbuds on the market.

UE Fits True wireless

Ultimate Ears seems to have the solution with UE Fits true wireless.


  • Most advanced custom fit earbuds


  • Expensive

How it works?

Ultimate Ears have Patented Lightform Technology to help mold the eartips into your ears. Lightform Technology is related to embedded LEDs that work as projectors to map digital content on to 3D spaces like human’ ears.

Custom Molded True Wireless Earbuds


Users download Ultimate Ears’s app


Insert the earbuds and let them sit as much as comfortable


Hit the start button in the app and wait for 60s the eartips will harden after that.

The company claims the UE Fits sounds good with detail, punchy bass it supports SBC, AAC and Apt-X.

Finally we have earbuds that we can customize both fit and sound.

The UE Fits are available to preorder for $199 in Cloud, Dawn and Eclipse

Decibullz – Custom Molded True Wireless Earbuds

Unlike UE FITs these earbuds still have eartips and the custom mold is just an additional fit


  • Easy to make custom fit


  • Not fully custom fit
  • Not rock solid Bluetooth connection

Decibullz has been long known for their custom fit eartips.

Their first custom mold TWS aren’t perfect yet , audio quality is inconsistent, Bluetooth is not that stable – connection hiccup or drop sometimes and they may not be loud as you expect.

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