Cool 1byone Music Plasma Ball works as Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers have been long considered a great audio device for tablet and smartphone users, who want to experience room filling sound. 1byone offers the product that not only work as a Bluetooth speaker but a cool plasma pattern.

It is a small size, cool plasma ball. The ball will react when you touch it on the surface. The plasma will become focusing on your finger tips once you touch the ball. When you turn on the Ball, search for devices from Bluetooth setting you will see it’s available to pair. Hold the M button for a few seconds–The Ball will appear with code name, HZ-957.

Audio Performance

Rather than engineering for music lovers, it is just going to light up your table with a bunch of plasma patterns. Your kids probably will love it. The sound quality is not even good. The Ball doesn’t pump up any bass at all. Play acoustic, it sounds like your old school radio. The instruments are not quite bright. The treble are decent, so it’s fine if you’re fans of acoustic.

Note that I compared its audio performance to my Bluetooth speaker, Creative D100 both outdoor and indoor.

The Ball also includes SD card slot.

The Ball retails for $26.99 at and $23.99 at Amazon.



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