Best Cheap True Wireless Earbuds 2019

I wrote an articles about cheap earbuds a long time ago back in 2014, the post features some best wire earbuds. At the same time a new generation of earbuds was kick-started and just in a couple of year a they become mature products to consumers, that’s true wireless earbuds. At the beginning they started with several hundreds of dollars now it downs to less than 50$ we can get a pair on Amazon.

  • They have cheap Bluetooth processor with limited functions
  • Average build quality and the battery often degrade quicker than expensive ones if you read teardown Airpods or Sony WF-1000MX3 – their batteries are great.
  • Average battery life is 5 hours but can go up to 6 hours
  • They may be worth for the price but their sound is so so, not highly characterized
  • Not ideal for calls
  • A lot of styles even copycats with Beats earhooks, or toothbrush alike Airpods. 
  • Good fit for sports

For expensive earbuds when I hear the sound I feel something different, that is sound signature that most audio reviewers could distinguish. But cheapies I don’t feel that way. Bass is sometimes too much and not solid. Treble is not refine and may feel crunchy, all ranges are not really unified to characterize rather they stand alone, so generally they are good or bad for some tracks. 

But it is acceptable as long as they blow out the sound.

That’s sound perspective.

In terms of technological advance, Bluetooth chip manage connection and some additional functionalities that depend on makers.

Qualcomm, a US processor maker for smartphones, has a high profile Bluetooth processor expertise. Their chips are more expensive than others but they have more features such as HRM, glucose level reader.

Cheaper Bluetooth processors are from Taiwan or China, they also work and being upgrade frequently – they get better, consume less power, stable pairing, but the design and Antenna play an important role. 

To keep low price, accessible to anyone they minimize the design, optimize to cut the cost. 

$50 – $100

Anker Liberty Airs seems to be a good fit if you have small ears.

It has noise isolation that Airpods don’t match, so the bass holds tight and feel more ohm.

In this price range, Xiaomi Airdots Pro can be a good pick for ANC, available to buy on GearBest.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro features Active Noise Cancellation.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless are the best at $100.

The last pair I would recommend is true wireless IEMs, the Bluetooth 5.0 TFZ X1 – their sound is highly clear and detailed with BA drivers.

For under 50$ you can get a good pair of true wireless earbuds. They can look like Beats, Airpods, Samsung Buds.

If you are familiar with Beats, these true wireless earbuds share a common design.

If you have ever tried wire Bluetooth earbuds such as Mpow Flame, you would figure out they not only fit to your ears the same but their sounding profile. Truly they aren’t bass-kickers but there are a lot.

Good for music with heavy bass.

Another choice can be fake Airpods, you like the style, don’t need the advanced features and just want to know what it is like wearing something like Airpods.

As I picked a few good options in this post about Airpods knockoffs, you definitely can pick yours too.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, TaoTronics TWS TT-BH053 and a lot more that I couldn’t list them all here. But for under $50 – design, waterproof features and strong bass sound will be the priorities if you like to buy a pair.

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