Cheap earbuds anything else!

Earbuds has been pretty envolved – the TWS (true wireless earbuds) but for wire-dangling down earbuds, it may reach the pitch.

The dynamic drivers built in those cheapies hinders the sound quality improvement. Technically the dymamic drivers only respond to a limited range of frequencies. Dual drivers do the trick for sound improvement – one handles the low-end the other handles the high-range and mid-range, but they look like a monster in the ear.

The good things: cheap earbuds are better, more rugged and come with a ton of designs – we don’t see a lot much like it used to be when the Senheiser, Klipsch, Samsung, Sony were dominant the market. Chinese audio makers and no name brand with Amazon selling platform took over the low-end earbuds market, which I think started out since early 2013.

To begin with, the Sensor their replicas of Beats Powerbeats cost only 19.99 bucks, got 30,984 customer reviews (updated on April 20, 2019) with 4 stars rating. The price of these Bluetooth earbuds is cheaper than the orginal PowerBeats 10 times.

Why those earbuds are cheap but their sound and build quality are so good that people actually vouch for it.

When Beats or any audio makers have a new design of headphones, they need a factory to do it quick and in China they can do it quicker than anywhere else on earth.

The modules and the mold design will be passed to others – and they will mass-produce. Mass-produce has a lot of advantages it reduces cost and since they are capable of doing it in the short time the cost for production is significantly reduced.

The copyright for design in headphone world no longer matters, we can copy the same design and just sell it with another brand. My friend also built his own brand, but not quite successful.

While the plastic housing of earbuds can be made cheaper the Bluetooth modules can be remained the same quality compared to the authentic one. The platic housing can be made with ABS or higher quality bead. All these process related to replicate headphone didn’t alter the design so the sound quality is somewhat the same, slightly better or worse or likely to boost the same level of bass.

Based on my experience in trading with some Chinese company on Alibaba, the actual cost for a pair of Bluetooth headphones can be as low as $5 and on Amazon it is $20.

In the past, picking cheap earbuds is an easy task you just pick earbuds on the brand you know, but know how you pick your earbuds are different – a lot of things from design to reviews from users.

But the design of earbuds are grealy varied now – are you sure to pick the design you like or the sound you like – read my post about best cheap earbuds to buy in 2019 to find out.

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