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Power Acoustik HP902R Review

Wireless TV headphones

Best Budget Wireless Headphones For TV In some situations, you can’t use regular headphones, the audio-output or the nature of the devices don’t allow you to do so. Rare audio gadgets are able to bridge that missing puzzle, and the Power Acoustik HP902R provides a great solution for those with several entertainment gadgets in their … Read morePower Acoustik HP902R Review

Sennheiser RS 170 Review

Sennheiser RS 170 is the great home audio headphones

The Seinnheiser RS 170 is a great set of wireless headphones for TV and  those audiophiles who love wandering around while getting their regular entertainment fix. This wireless headphone kind of resembles the RS 160 in terms of overall build, but is a bit more expensive though, costing about $279. Some would say they don’t … Read moreSennheiser RS 170 Review